SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 2011

SHCC Meeting Minutes – September 2011


September 6, 2011


Cabot Nelson, Chairman opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.


Minutes for last month approved.


Member Present: Scott Kisling, Judy Short, Lynne Olson,Robin Bastar, Dolores Donohoo , Pattie DeNunzio, Benny Keele, Derek Payne, Sheila O’Driscoll, Rawlins Young, Cabot Nelson, Larry Migliaccio Dave Mulder, Ron Molen, Laurie Bray, Amy Barry, Christopher Thomas


Members Absent: Anna Lisa Holcombe (E), Ruth Price (E), Topher Horman (E), Phil Carlson (E), Sarah Carlsonm (E), Grace Sperry (E), Michael G. Cavanagh (E), Jim Brown, (E) Jason Bradley, Carlyle Harris (E), Travis Pearce, Russell Callister, Sandra Walsh, Sally Barraclough (E)

Cabot Nelson provided the Chair Report.

Robin Bastar provided the Treasurer’s report.

Amy Barry, Sally Barraclough, and Barbara Greene member petitions expire next month.

Dan Reilly of the Salt Lake CityFire Dept provided a report.

Judy Short provided an Open Space and Trails Report.

Laurie Bray provide a report for the Arts and Cultural Committee.

Scott Kisling provided a report from the Business Committee.

Larry Migliaccio provided a report from the Transportation Committee.

Mark Morrison of the Sugar House Park Authority provided a report.

Tara Rawlins, Coalition for affordable Housing gave a presentation.


Nominations for Trustee Officer Positions:

Cabot Nelson was nominated for Chairman and accepted.

Amy Barry accepted a nomination for Vice Chair.

Scott Kisling accepted a nomination for Vice Chair.

Chris Thomas accepted a nomination for Vice Chair.

Sally Barraclough was nominated for Vice Chair but not present. Benny Keele to contact.

Robyn Bastar nominated for Treasurer.

Detective Boelter provided a Crime Report:

Soren Simonsen provided a Salt Lake City Council update.

Shawn Mc Dunough provided a report from the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Office.

Dolly Raugh provided a Sugar House Library program update.


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Landon Clark