SHCC Meeting Minutes September 2022

SHCC Meeting Minutes September 2022

7:02 pm Thank you for joining the September edition of the Sugar House Community Council. We have had a couple of cancels to the agenda so the meeting tonight should be pretty quick.

Shane Stroud secretary report:
We have a new trustee joining us tonight he will represent the Fairmont neighborhood. His name is David Alkire. David go ahead and introduce yourself. Sure, Hello, everybody I’m David and my wife Joanne. We live in the Dixon Building which is near Fairmont Park. My wife was hired by Merit Medical and I retired a few years ago, so we’re just kind of still in transition here, but I am just so delighted to have the opportunity to get involved with the community and the Sugar House Community Council. We are loving the trails around the city.
Judi Short makes a motion to approve him. Seconded by Shane Stroud. All approve. Welcome to the SHCC.

Mike Bagley treasurer report:
Hi guys! it should be pretty simple. So just logged into our checking. Our US Bank account is at $7,009.78. We have $577.27 in our paypal account. The paypal money is what the Friends of Fairmont have solicited for the mural project on the glass recycling containers. And I just wanna remind people, if you are considering a donation through the paypal link on our website, if you wanna specify that those funds are for that project just put something in the notes And then i’ll make sure that The all this funds go exactly where you want them to go.

Scott Lyttle owner TeaZaanti
I own little tea and wine cafe right across the street from the post office in Sugar House. For the last year and a half we’ve been hosting kind of monthly drag shows at the shop. They are for all ages and they are a blast. Our august event was outside on our patio. It was a great event. After the event we posted posted some video of a neighborhood family and the daughter kind of dancing with the drag Queens. It was a super wholesome video which was unfortunatley picked up by, lack of a better word, a hate group. They started targeting us pretty severly. Personal attacks on myself, my wife, the parents of this kid, the drag queens, etc. It was a tough 2 or 3 days for the shop. Our staff was super unnerved. Fortunately, all the people that were kind of attacking us Via social media, via whatever reviews and everything like that, 95% of them were outside of the state of Utah So in that’s kind of ultimately I guess good for for us. But but I mean it was just super unnerving for us, and honestly you know really good learning opportunity, I think, for especially for myself, who, I think, has been pretty lucky in life, and not been kind of subject to this type of attack, and it really opened up our eyes. We called the cops so they were aware, we sent out an email to our followers and the community has just been awesome. We have had just 2 great days, and it’s just kind of heartwarming to see people in the shop who are pulling for us. We have had so many people pull us aside to say they were sorry that this happened to us and that we are so happy you are part of this community. I mean these attacks were pretty harsh to say the least. Just knowing that yeah, our simple little shop can can get targeted like that from a national international group like this is kind of scary. I mean that’s the thing right is like yeah we have a great community, and we just gotta do everything that we can to kind of send a positive message and that’s what I think is is huge. We are happy to help you any way we can.

Erika, Brandon, Dayna and Derek
First Chamber October Fest, this Sunday at the Neighborhood Hive from 1-5 pm. We are selling fantastic mugs made of real glass with the Sugar Hosue Chamber logo on the front. They are $12. All money raised will go back to the chamber to help the local businesses. We have over 20 vendors lined up everybody from jewelry makers, wood workers, quilters, and artists. We’ve got some food trucks lined up. It is family friendly And there’s no admission so walk, bike, push your strollers and come up to the Neighborhood Hive. We are looking for volunteers to help us out that day.

Jeremy Chatterton Highland High School Principal
Tomorrow evening at 7pm, we’re going to talk about a feasability study to see about building a new Highland High school. It’s really step one to get this thing moving forward. Our district has hired architects for both feasibility studies for Highland and for West High School. And really, we’re just excited to get community input, what you’re looking for in a high school, and we want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to have their voices heard. So if you’re interested in coming tomorrow from 7 to 8 o’clock, it should only be an hour in the Highland auditorium.
If you have young kids, if you have kids at Highland right right now we’re hoping potentially, if everything goes as planned we will have this on the bond next November with poif if potentially breaking ground that following spring. It will probably take 18 months to 2 years for the rebuild.

Detective Sam Fallows
I wanted to touch real quick on I’m trying to do this with all my community councils. If you’re a business owner or a private residence, You can do this. Salt Lake City offers a no trespass affidavit program where you fill out a no trespass form bring it down to the police department to get it notorized, we can issue you a no trespassing sign. No trespass signs are issued by the city and those allow us, as the police department to respond to your business or home, and if you’re not there, we are able to take action without you having to be there. Please download the SLC Mobile App. It is so helpful for us, you can report anything homelessness, speeding, potholes, etc. July was a busy month. We had 349 total reported crimes.
These are part one and part two crimes. Again you can go on our website, and you can kind of see more about these crimes. Our number one reported crime across the city including Sugar House are fraudulent type crimes. We’re seeing people are maybe going to the store for a second, leaving their purse or wallet, or something valuable in the vehicle, and then people are breaking in the vehicles and stealing these items. They take the credit cards and immediately try to use them. Just a good reminder. Make sure that we’re taking your valuables with you, please don’t leave them in the car
Please when you see the RVs parked down by Fairmont Park or the Boys and Girls please email me, send me a text or us the app so we can take care of it. We talk about these encampments every Thursday with our community partners so they can get cleaned up.

Samantha Finch-District 7 PNUT Board rep
I just play a small role in your community. I sit on the PNUT board. I am your local rep. PNUT stands for Parks, Natural Lands and Urban Forestry and Trials. It’s a citizen advisory board here in Salt Lake City, so I get to meet with with great folks and hang out with people like Sarah and the Friends of Fairmont and Sally who runs the POST committee for the SHCC. I also meet with the Friends of Allen Park. I try to convey some information about what the Park and Public Lands Department is doing and help raise and emphasize their concerns back to the Parks department.
I was invited just to speak for a few moments about the General Obligation Bond which will appear on your November ballot. It was just approved by the Salt Lake City Council last month, actually August the sixteenth. The purpose of the GO Bond is to benefit our parks and public spaces. It’s an 85 million Bond with a life of 20 years. It’s gonna be a property tax increase. 2 parks will be impacted by this bond in district 7: Fairmont Park and ALlen Park. The Parks department themselves will be releasing their own website to help advertise and educate the public about this ballot initiative that’s going to be appearing on your ballot in November. Landon also asked me to bring up the park rangers. If you’re not familiar with the park rangers they should be moving around now and operational. It’s my understanding. and I will also provide another website that links to a wonderful Youtube video that was put up by Salt Lake City television that introduces you to the park rangers and has them individually.
introducing themselves to talking about their mission, and what the contents of people have further questions about. This GO bond is very valuable, and the incremental costs to property tax owners, in my mind, or my judgment is well worth it. I think they give a typical example like if you have a home that’s worth over approximately $584,000, your annual increase on your property taxes is about $54 a year.

Bill Knowles-SLC Ombudsman

Sugar Alley – Lowe Development
Start date: Fall 2020.
Update: Progress continues moving rapidly as workers are installing exterior finishes on the structure. Utility work was completed by August 31 and traffic lanes have been restored to original configurations. The new Wilmington extension, a private roadway, will be temporarily reduced to one-way traffic (east bound only) accessed from McClellan St. The two-lane access formerly connecting Highland Drive to McClellan St., also a private roadway, is now reduced to one lane, west bound, and will be permanently closed to vehicle traffic at the end of the project. This will be a five-story building containing 200 luxury apartments with the ground floor dedicated to retail, including restaurants and a bike shop.
Est. completion: Early 2023.
Project description: Mixed use residential.
Location: 2200 S. Highland Drive.

Izzy South & North
Start Date: Late January ’22.
Update: Both Izzys are very busy! Structures are rising rapidly on both the north and south sites. Utility installations for the Izzy North project are now underway. The outside, west bound, lane closure will exist for approximately 3-4 more weeks. The traffic shift begins just west of the 700 East intersection, opening back up just before the 500 East intersection.
Est. Completion: Fall of ’23.
Project description: 2-70+ unit residential, townhomes and single floor, with small commercial component on west end, ground floor.
Project Location: Approx. 550 E./2100 S.

I-80 Freeway re-construction
Start Date: Mid-May 2021.
Update: Construction is moving forward with the traffic now moved to the center of the roadway while work on the outside lanes between 1500 E. and 2300 E. continues.Work on the 17th E. bridge was completed before August 30th , just In time to accommodate back-to-school traffic.
Preparations are now underway for the replacement of the 1300 East bridge, to take place early next year.
Est. Completion: Late fall 2023.
Project Description: UDOT will be replacing 50+ year old, worn out, pavement from 1300 East to 2300 East. The project will also include replacing brides at 1300, 1700, and 20000 East.
Project Location: 1300 East to 2300 East.

The 21s
Start Date: Mid-June 2021
Update: A new temporary sidewalk has been installed on the west side (2100 East) of the project. Pedestrian access on both sides of the project will be fully restored well in advance of the new school year. The structure has filled out across the north end of the property and preparations are being made to begin work on the south side of the project.
Est. Completion: Spring 2023
Project Description: Multi-unit residential.
Location: 2000 E./2100 S.

Alta Terra (Former 24 Hour Fitness
Start Date: 1st week of June , 2022.
Update: This two-part project is now under construction with foundations in place at both the north and south sites. Vehicle access remains unimpeded 1100 E. & Ashton Ave. Pedestrians will soon be restricted to the north side of Ashton Ave. as the sidewalk along the frontage of the south side property will be closed for safety due to the heavy truck and machinery traffic entering and leaving the project and adjacent staging area.
Est. Completion: Spring 2024.
Project description: Residential (Approx. 340 units)
Location: Ashton Ave./1100 E.

900 E./Sugarmont Project
Start Date: Very soon.
Update: Demolition is complete, and the site is being prepared for construction.
Est. Completion: TBD.
Project Description: 4-Story, 45-unit apartment building.
Location: Approx. 2200 S./900 E.

Former Art Studio Building
Start Date: 8/22/22.
Est. Completion: Spring 2024.
Project Description: Multi-unit (60+ units) residential.
Location: 700 East/Simpson Ave.

New Projects Coming Soon
McClelland Street
Start Date: Early Spring 2023.
Est. Completion: Late spring 2023.
Project Description: Resurfacing and adding complete street refinements to McClelland Street between 2100 S. and
Sugarmont Drive.
2100 South Sewer/Water Line Replacement Project
Start Date: Early spring 2023.
Est. Completion: Late 2022.
Location: 2100 South/1100 East- 2100 South/ Yuma Street.
Highland Drive/1100 E. Re-Construction Project
Start Date: Spring 2023.
Est. Completion: Late summer 2024.
Location: 1100 East/1700 S.- Highland Drive/I-80 Freeway.
Former Snelgrove Ice Cream property
Start Date: Early 2023.
Update: Demolition of the old structures on site is completed and construction is set to begin mid-summer.
Est. Completion: Mid 2024.
Project Description: Mixed use residential.
Location: 2100 S./800-900 E.
For questions or reporting issues or concerns contact: Bill Knowles, SLC Community Ombudsman: 801-580-2626;

Tim Cosgrove-District 7 Mayor’s Liaison
We opened up the CIP applications, the capital improvement program. So this is up until September thirtieth. This is the application that everybody waits for. This is for fiscal year 2023 to 2024. These are community projects. you can apply for it as a constituent, a community council, as a group of community councils that come together. $50,000 is the minimum the project can be and up to $500,000. Through the American recovery rescue plan we have one time financial assistnace to eligible businesses: nonprofits, small businesses and individual businesses. It’s to help those businesses that were adversely negatively impacted by Covid.

Sarah Woosley-Friends of Fairmont
We’re having a friends of fairmont meeting at Fairmont on September 19th from 6-8 pm. We will meet the park leadership along with the new park rangers. We are also going to honor one of the staff. We’d love to have anybody interested in the goings on at Fairmont Park to come and attend. We are also continuing to raise money for our matching funds to have our recycling bin painted in partnership with momentum. We presented last time. We’ve raised I think about 700 dollars but want to keep going. So if you haven’t yet donated you can donate like Mike said, through the Sugar House committee Council, and/or reach out to me, and i’ll make sure your donation is counted even 5 Bucks makes a difference

Lynn Jacobs: SLC Transportation
I just wanted to give everyone an update on all of our road construction projects that are coming up over the next 2 or 3 years.
There’s a lot going on and it’s a lot to keep track of and so just to make sure everyone knows what we’re up to, and where we’re at in our schedule it’s been about 3 years into the planning of these projects, and so there’s a lot going on. I put together a kind of a major roadways list.
But there’s a lot of other smaller projects that are happening and then there’s public utility projects and private property projects that aren’t on this list. This is just the big roadway list so starting off next early next year. We’re gonna actually do the Mcclelland Street project that we’ve all been waiting for that was scheduled for this year. It was delayed and we didn’t want the contractor to start and not finish and have a mess all winter, and so that got punted to next year. That will be the very first part of next year that that gets done. the next project that will come up in sequence is the 1100 East Highland drive project that is scheduled for 2023 to 2024 we now are fairly certain that’s gonna take 2 construction year cycles to get done and then 1300 East will start in 2024, as will 2100 South. So for those of you who are paying attention. 2024 is going to be a lot of moving targets out there in terms of getting all these projects started and going. We have a separate project that will go from 1700 south all the way up to 900 south. So by the time we’re all done from 900 south to I 80 will be brand new roadway with all sorts of new sidewalk, and curve and gutter, and shared use path and bike lanes and other enhancements that we’re making so for the southern portion of the project, we’re actually very near to completion on our design. The plan is that we put it out for a contractor to bid on in November and then that goes to construction as soon as they can start working in the spring. A few years ago we did north of 2100 south on Thirteenth East.Now we’re coming back and doing the rest of 1300 east to the south to the Millcreek boundaries. We’re nearing completion of our environmental study and environmental document, and our next step will be final design, which will start probably early next year for construction. The next project is our 2100 South project. And honestly, this has been kind of the big unknown we don’t really know what we’re going to do with this roadway when we rebuild it. It will start in 2024, which means that we are working diligently night and day right now, on coming up with what that concept is going to look like.
We had a really good survey response. We had a survey out there for about a month. That survey had over 3,000 responses. which I think is the most I’ve had since I started at the city in terms of the the response rate to a survey. What that means is that we’ve had to read through about 14,000 written comments and trying to just wrap our arms around. You can imagine quite a few of those were just congestion and the issues that people experience on 2,100 South and telling us about the issues that are out there. We’ve also met a couple of times with a stakeholder group and gotten some really good insights from them. We’re we’ve done a lot of brainstorming I think we have somewhere in the neighborhood of about a 100 different ideas for what we could do with this roadway. and we’re we’re now working through trying to narrow that down to something that we could actually pull off. We had a couple focus groups, and hopefully, some of you on this call may have attended some of those focus groups. They were very helpful to us to understand community values and and trade-offs. As we look at this roadway. 1700 East is also on the docket but that won’t be until 2025.
Next spring there will be an enhanced crosswalk at Highland High across 1700 East.

Laura Stevens sitting in for Councilwoman Amy Fowler
So coming up on later this month, let’s see September 20th The City council is going to be talking about the Other Side Village. If you have any comments regarding the Other Side village, please come to the Council meeting whether it’s by phone, by webex or in person, or sending emails to Amy or myself, please tell us what you are feeling.

Judi Short Land Use Report
Well there were several things brought up in the last planning Commission meeting that were just conversations. I don’t know the right word conversations between staff and the planning commission, and they’re starting to research the idea of making a change to allowings drive thrus in the Sugar House business district. Part of it is staff time I guess you could just say there won’t be any. But when you look at the whole area 1700 south, to the freeway and 700 East to 1300 East, there’s a lot of drive-thrus that are outside that area, So when you start to cross into different zones it requires more staff time to figure It out because those zones exist in other places in the city. that’s not so cut and dry, and they’re going to talk about it again at their next meeting on the fourteenth and it’s not a high priority item, but I think everybody would like to see something done. We’ve got a second draft revision to the revision of the accessory dwelling unit ordinance that’s been in place for 3 to 4 years. They’ve only built about 50 units which is way fewer than they expected. They thought this would add to affordable housing. Not a single one of those units is affordable, and it takes a lot of staff time. So what they want to do is make these a permitted use, which means we would never see them again. And I always worry about that, because things done by the permit counter.In my opinion, are just checking the boxes they don’t look at design or placement, or things like that. So we’ll see a final draft of whatever it is they’re gonna vote on sometimes. Soon the thriving in place study was the first report for the New housing ordinances the city needs to put in place. I learned the reason is because the legislature has written 2 bills that require cities to have this, that and the other thing in place in their ordinances or they’re not eligible for any transportation funds. So They’ve got us kind of over barrel and part of what’s happening that the consultants are from Berkeley and Tim Thomas said of the 30 cities they’ve now reviewed Salt Lake city is the worst and by that he means there is no affordable housing. Most cities are, you know, in a spot, and you can live in the suburbs around. All around the city with Salt Lake. We have Provo to the South and Odgen to the North.
We have the lake to the West and the mountains to the east so that means people have to go further and further out of the core of the city to find affordable housing so that’s gonna be very interesting. They have farther housing incentive plan it’s still circulating among the emails.
We haven’t seen that back here but it’s coming and we do know that the proposal for a Kum and Go where the Sizzler used to be will be on the planning commission at one of the meetings in October. We don’t know which one i’m told by staff that they’ve made some changes to their plans, but they’re not major changes, and we won’t know what those are i’ve asked them to be on our next land use committee. So if you have questions you’d like them to answer, Shoot me an email.

Pat-Friends of Allen Park
The city just came in today, and they took out 2 trailers full of tree branches just dead stuff that’s just been building up in there. They could see that, or they said they could spend another week so we’re hopefully gonna get on their maintenance schedule, and there will hopefully be some type of interim plan drawn up with a few new city employees. We are gonna have a fall solstice volunteer day in the Park. On September 22nd. I believe it’s from 5 to 6 the final time will be posted on our friends of Allen Park Facebook Web Page. If anybody wants to come and volunteer we’re basically just gonna be just picking up branches. There was a doe that gave birth in Allen Park, so we have a little bambi. Wildlife is coming back into the park adn it is great to see. A water line was broken by the developers so we have been unable to water. We were getting the peacocks water by hand. We did get that fixed. We are really hopeful the GO Bond passes so we can use that money in the park. Animals are getting into the big house. The general condition of the park is really dry and it’s a lot of the wildlife is kind of like moved up into the the hills around the neighbor’s homes. But when it cools down you’ll probably see more of the animals and the birds come back into the park, so other than that security updates we’ve had vandals come into the park and they have been breaking some windows. We have had some homeless folks come into the park and break into some sheds. CBI security is really doing a great job.

Welcome to the board David and thank you for joining us tonight. We will see everyone next month.
Meeting Adjourned 8:12 pm

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Landon Clark