SHCC November 2022 Agenda

SHCC November 2022 Agenda

7:00 Welcome

7:05 Fire Update- Sugar Alley Update

Approve Minutes

Treasurer Report-Mike Bagley

New Trustee:

Chris Longhurst who will be a Dilworth Neighborhood

Thomas Quam who will be in the Emerson Neighborhood

Secretary Report-Shane Stroud 

7:15 District 7 CIU    Detective Sam Fallows

Michael G’s Spotlight on Business (SOB)

Quarters-Katy Willis

7:30 Salt Lake Mayor’s Office Liaison-Tim Cosgrove

Senator Jani Iwamoto

Jeremy Chatterton-update on HIghland Feasibility Study

Kyle Pickering-New Art Studio

7:45 Millcreek Town Center Update-Francis Lilly Director of Planning for Millcreek

8:10 Lynn Jacobs-SLC Transportation and Leah Jaramillo 

1100 East Update

8:35 Amy Fowler-District 7 City Councilwoman

Santa Shack

9:00 Meeting Adjourned

Landon Clark