SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2020

SHCC Meeting Minutes

SHCC Meeting Minutes – November 2020

SHCC November 4th meeting minutes

Three new trustees tonight…Maggie, Yvonne and Sherry

Motion for minutes

1st Judi Short

2nd Lynn Schwartz

All approved

We are having our elections tonight.  Benny Keele emailed out ballots to all trustees and will have the results a little later

Sue Ann Jones, Sally Barraclough and Susan Koelicker petitions are up in December but all would like to continue their service

Julia from Spin Scooters

Update on electric scooter share permit program.

Will include up to 2 vendors, could be one but no more than 2.  Will be based on compliance records.   The company who is selected will pay the fees to the city following a hybrid model which is what we support.   Fee to the city and a per trip fee.   City council would like to have this done by the end of the year.

Michael’s G. Spotlight on Business

Dan from Torrent Cycling

2018 we opened our first Salt Lake Studio, opened second location in Sugar House in August.  45 to 60 min classes.   We partnered with another local business the Honest Eatery.  We are in the same building which is just below the View Apartments.   With COVID our classes have shrunk by about 60%.  We have space for 56 bikes and are currently are 19 bikes in the studio.   We require masks, social distancing and temp checks.

CIU officer Det. Bishop Update

Numbers are comparable to last years numbers except for larceny and theft.  Our traffic citation have dropped significantly along with our citation numbers.   Our motor units have spent a lot of time at protests.   Seeing a huge increase in car prowls around Fairmont park. We believe people are coming into Sugar House on the s-line and prowling that neighborhood.  Please keep your car car-dealership clean.  The mayor has allowed us to take more action to parked RVs.   If you see any parked RV’s where folks are living please let us know.  Tanner Park shooting: be cautious of your surroundings please.  If you see anything suspicious please let us know.   Can get the crime report on the SLCPD website

Sen. Jani Iwamoto Update

Sound Wall Update around the country club.  It wasn’t funded in our budget this year.  UDOT is looking at the issue.  They have done a variety of studies to decide what is the best way to do this.  Concrete or asphalt or a really high sound wall.   Going to have another special session in early December.  Have a bill for the upcoming session to take the word Squaw out of any wording.  Provo is looking at changing the name of Squaw Peak.  Continue to work on campus security.   Trying to close a loophole if an officer leaves ,the investigation is dropped.  Want to change that.   We need to listen to trusted science experts.  I hope our next governor is strong with mandates to help fight COVID.  Looks like Amendment G passed.   Please wear a mask!!!

Email the governor’s office about their COVID response.  The small gatherings are were we are starting to see the spreading.

Bill Knowles: Construction Update

McClelland street-a few set backs to both projects.   The Lowe project had curb and gutter poured and then had something with their pavers and now are starting to set them.  Should be about two to three weeks to having the west side sidewalk open.   Have to look into if sidewalk is safe with all of the scaffolding that is there for the outside of the building.   The project on the east side is moving forward, the curb and sidewalk were in but found a problem and had to rip it out and start again.   They have reset the curb line and proceeding.  Should have concrete poured this week but the east side should be done in 2 to 3 weeks. Looking like the end of November for McClelland to be open.   It will be pedestrians first and then cars.  The weather will be the determining factor.

Highland Drive side where Sugar Alley is beginning.  There will be a pedestrian walkway installed int eh next couple of weeks which will extend into the south bound lane on Highland Drive.  We are looking at alternatives for Highland and it looks like we are going to get a turn lane from 2100 South to Wilmington.   We now have the contractor agreeing to paint the stripes.  Will have one lane each direction and a turn lane.  The hawk light is coming in the spring which will be at midblock on Highland Drive.

The canal project has or will begin in the next two to three weeks  in the west lane by the liquor store.  The canal work needs to be done by March 15th when the water runs.  Asking for signs to help with traffic around Sugar Alley.  It is a mess with traffic and dead ends.

Landon Allred: Sugar House Park Update

Wasatch gardens has been a huge hit.  Ran out of money for their fence but the plan is to put in an iron fence at some point.   We just finished a slurry seal of the inner road.  We dredged the pond and that was a long time coming.  The pond is a lot deeper and no reports of dead ducks.  We have aerators in the pond which should help circulation.  The middle one is a big fountain which should be repaired next year.    We lost 76 trees from the wind storm.  Half were blue spruce.  The Blue Spruce trees are covered by insurance which will replaced by small trees unfortunately.  Also during the wind storm we lost some roofing on a pavilion    The original roof was copper so we had copper blow off.  We took that to the recycling center and it was able to pay for a new roof with regular building materials.   That was great.   We applied for CIP to rebuild some of the pavilions, which are in need of rebuilding.   We have reports of homelessness.  We have hired off duty police officers to patrol the park at night which has really helped.   We cleared out a lot of brush around Highland which has helped stop people from camping down there.

Sizzler update;  talked to that group about a land swap which would put their project closer to Highland and we would take the Sizzler site which we could create a grand entrance to the park.  The park is burdened by the Land Water Conservation fund which really limits what we can do.   These projects cost money which will be tricky but still in talks

We have been in talks with the café for about 2 years.   They missed the funding deadline.  We are now back to square one and talking to the garden clubs.   The Café is not going to happen.

They lost about half their revenue from not having events and pavilion rentals.

We have limbed up all the trees which have helped deter sleeping in the trees.  Trying not to have any dark corners.  Have people sleeping in the cars. They just filled their two openings on the Park Board.  The next opening will be in October.

Sprague Library Update: Cherie Koford

The dates I am giving are hopeful best guesses but the hope is we will get the keys to the building on December 1st.   Carpet is on the way and shelving will go in in January.  We are looking at the early part of 2021 to be open.  Looking at scheduling tours which will be safe.   If COVID numbers continue we will probably restrict access to one level.  Trying to limit number of people in the building.   Concrete work on the east side is continuing.  The amphitheater will be filled in with concrete because we don’t have the money to make it ADA compliant.  Will have a really nice space for us to hold our meetings in the future.

Committee Updates:  These are open to the public and where the nuts and bolts is done.

Parks, Open Spaces and Trails: Sally Barraclough

Try to keep our hands on anything parks, open spaces and trails in Sugar House.  We have reps come to talk about these different items.  Three parks in Sugar House: Sugar House Park, Fairmont Park and Allen Park.   We do plantings, at Hidden Hollow and Fairmont, clean up, planting of monument plaza.   We advocate with Parley’s Trail and McClelland Trail.  We get reports from the PNUT board.   In the future, we will work closely with Re-Tree Utah.  We also have a lot of neighborhood pocket parks.  We meet the second Monday of the month at 6:00 pm.

Arts, Culture and Events: Meggie Trioli

This committee officially jumpstarted about a year ago.   We are working on wrapping power boxes throughout Sugar House.  We are also advocating for murals/art work be put on the new developments in Sugar House.   We are a voice to bring attention to art in Sugar House.  Keeping an eye on the McClelland project along with the Allen Park project so community voices are heard about art.  I run a side project called the Living Museum of Sugar House.  We are continuing to have a voice for art projects within Sugar House.   We meet on the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm

Laurie Bray update on the Santa Shack

We will be having a socially distanced Santa this year.  Going to try to take pictures.  It will be an experiment but we will have regular hours and regular days.   Over a 60 year tradition in Sugar House.

Land Use and Zoning:  Judi Short

SHCC is a recognized organization for SLC, which says if there is a project in your area you will be notified.  We are able to spend more time on projects compared to the overall council.  We see a lot of conditional use permits, like ADU’s.   We see planned units, variances and zoning changes.   We flyer the neighborhood to let them know a project is coming to their neighborhood.   We meet at the third Monday at 6:00 pm

Benny Keele with elections  

It was a little different this year.  I emailed all trustees and thank you for returning the ballots.  Thank you to all of the executive board members.  Erika Wiggins is the only one not returning as secretary.  Our new secretary will be Devon Cantwell.  Mike Bagley will be Treasurer.  1st Vice Chair is Judi Short, 2nd Vice Chair is Will Kocher and 3rd Vice Chair is Sally Barraclough

Transportation: Levi Thatcher

Larry has been mentoring me.   We are advocating for safer streets in Sugar House from stop signs, traffic calming, etc.   We are working with the city on a variety of projects….1100 East, 2100 South, McClelland, along with UDOT  bridge reconstructions.  We meet on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 pm

Newest committee is our Business Committee:  Erika Wiggins and Brandon Hill

We believed that with COVID we could see a Sugar House that would never be the same.   We decided to do a video series for the local Sugar House businesses, just to be our way of helping out.  Through these videos we have learned that more needs to be done so we decided to approach the Sugar House Chamber about absorbing into the SHCC.  So we have started this committee.   We launched these videos on May 28th with our SugarHouseStrong campaign.  We started with Olio and The Bean Whole.  To date we have done 30 videos.   We try to release one a week via Instagram and Facebook.  We have had over 100,000 views and 16,000 play throughs.  We have had almost 7000 engagements.   To date we have spent about $500 which was allocated from the SHCC.   The Bean Whole had the most views which was over 7000 people, SOMI had the most video play throughs at over 1200, and the most engagements was Sugar House Coffee which was 742.   We don’t have meeting dates yet but merging with the Chamber should be complete at the end of the year.   It is important to us to keep this as a community and community businesses.   We continue to build strong relationships with the businesses, and it has been outstanding.   We have put together an initial group of trustees to help.  We are planning on big things.  The formal vote with the chamber should be December.  Derek said 5 businesses have closed in Sugar House because of COVID.  We have Marina from Westminster now editing our videos which has been amazing.  We will be reporting monthly to the SHCC.

City update with Tim Cosgrove

So impressed by the energy and commitment by this group.  Salt Lake City has some volunteer subcommittees which has a lot of open spots.   Please check them out and apply.   November 1st parking enforcement will be resumed.  Time limited parking, streets as storage which is prohibited.   Salt Lake City just adopted a new flag.  We won’t be having a Freedom Walk for  Veteran’s Day this year  but please reach out to any veteran you may know.   We are working with Salt Lake County on a temporary overflow homeless shelter.  I have not heard where it is located but it will not be in Sugar House.

Congratulations to all the elected officials.

Meeting adjourned.

Landon Clark