SHCC October 2021 Minutes

SHCC October 2021 Minutes

Welcome to the Sugar House Community Council meeting for October 6th 2021.   We submitted a CIP application for the beatifying of 1300 East I-80 interchange.  Thanks to Larry for doing a lot of the work.

There is a Hidden Hollow tree planting event on October 22nd.  We will have our SHCC elections next month.  Benny will be reaching out.

Erika Wiggins update on the SH Chamber.  They were awarded a $5000 check by Keller Williams.  They will use that money to restart the Sugar House Business Series.  This money will cover 20 videos.

Approval of Minutes for September

Treasurer Report:

Mike Bagley we have $9096.88.  Activity was a deposit of $1000.00 (the last of the mural project grant monies) payment of $116.37 to Sally B., reimbursement for flyers.  PayPal account had no activity.

We renewed out Charitable Permit with the State of Utah.

DABC director Tiffany Classon-The new liquor store will be going into the old Snelgrove’s Property. The old store has security issues and staffing issues.  The new store will be about 12,000 sq. feet.  Looking to have product diversity. We are going to keep the old store but will get a facelift. Looking for community feedback about their stores.

Update on the former Snelgrove’s Property by Mark Issac.  Sugar Town Apartments.  Going to the Planning Commission next Wednesday to hopefully get final approval. We have made some fairly significant changes: We added retail along the eastside of the building. We made three buildings rather than one giant building.  There are larger pedestrian plazas.  We reduced the size of the garage entrance. We have added tremendous retail height to our ground floor retail.  It will be 17 feet. We made some landscaping changes which we are proud of.  If this is approved by the Planning Commission we hope to start building early next year.  Can see the plans at under Land Use tab.

Update from CIU officer Bob Norgaard:  Biggest thing Sugar House faces currently are business burglaries. Famous Footwear has been hit repeatedly. They are pretty sure the same crew has been hitting the businesses from 900 East to 2100 East along 2100 South.  The other thing I would like to discuss is the homicide of Aaron Lowe. I don’t have more details other than what you guys read in the papers. There has been an arrest.

Update from Mayor’s Liaison Tim Cosgrove: Mayor Mendenhall has asked for a pause for new shelters in Salt Lake City for 6 months in all city zones. September 21st the city and RDA released $8 million dollars for the construction of affordable housing throughout the city. There is an application process and are due by the end of October.  Please do not blow leaves into the street or gutters. The city will provide a second compost container if needed. First come, first serve.

Update on Allen Park from Amy Nillson city event and marketing manager for Salt Lake Parks. We do plan on activating that space. We were just awarded some money which will allow us to open up the public engagement process by hiring a consultant. We will be out to learn and understand what you would like to see in Allen Park. Always welcome to volunteer at Allen Park. We know this isn’t a typical park and there are a lot of specific features and our priority to protect this place.

Update on 1100 East and Sewer Project on 2100 South. Next summer Public Utilities will be replacing the sewer line under 2100 South.  It runs from just west of 1100 East to Yuma Street. This line is nearing 100 years old and doesn’t serve the current needs. At the same time they will be replacing the culinary water line from 1300 East to Yuma Street. We will have a public meeting October 27th on Zoom at 5:00 pm.  This a huge project! We need the homeowners to join us for this meeting especially East of 1300 East.  1100 East reconstruction will begin in 2023.  We will have a lot of public engagement.  We have started to meet with city departments and several business owners along 1100 East.  I-80 to 2100 South hope to keep the striping as it is now along with a multi use path. We will lose some parking on the west but will replace it on the east.  The plan will be for maybe 3 parking spaces to be removed We will start reaching out to area neighbors, just wanted to get start the process with the business owners.  Traffic counts haven’t changed in two decades along this roadway. We see about 500 people walking and crossing at 2100 south and Highland on a typical day, it can peak up to 1000 people.  Our design is based on the fact that so many people are walking in this area. This project will also connect the Parley’s Trail and McClelland Trail in an area where they have been somewhat disconnected.

Soren Simonsen reading a letter from the Parley’s Trail:

Numerous adopted and referenced Salt Lake City plans call for the development of Parleys Trail and the McClelland Trail, which pass through and intersect in the heart of Sugar House. These include the Sugar House Master Plan, the Parleys Trail Master Plan, the McClelland Trail Master Plan, the Sugar House Business District Circulation & Streetscape Amenities Plan, and the most recent Salt Lake City Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan. The City’s Plan Salt Lake Vision and Complete Streets Ordinance also more broadly support the goals of each of these plans. The Parleys Rails, Trails & Tunnels (PRATT) Coalition commends Salt Lake City for its vision and the recent and ongoing efforts of the Transportation, Planning and Engineering Divisions to implement these plans through the proposed concept to reconstruct Highland Drive with critical pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements that balance many broad transportation needs. We are excited to see the final pieces of Parleys Trail and critical neighborhood connections come together through these infrastructure improvements and support the further development of the Highland Drive project as currently conceived.

League of Woman Voters Rank Choice Voting: Madeleine Sigman and Caroline Phinney

City Council District 7 Discussion

Councilwoman Amy Fowler and Benjamin Raskin

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Landon Clark