SHCC September 2021 Meeting Minutes

SHCC September 2021 Meeting Minutes

SHCC September Meeting Minutes

Welcome to the SHCC September meeting

Dayna McKee asking for a food donation from Conner for Westminster athletic events

October meeting we will have a discussion with all district 7 city council candidates

Will Kocher also discussed the Joe Hill Marker at Sugar House Park.  It was conceptual approved by the Sugar House Park Authority.  We are going to work with the Park Authority and SLC Parks of what it will look like but we are moving forward.  Going to be a cool reflection area with park benches.

Mike Bagley-Treasurer Report

US Bank balance of $7,215.27.


Payed out for artists and muralist project-$8,618.09

CIU Officer Det. Meinzer-last meeting for him, moving to District 4 and 5.  We will now have Det. Bob Norgaard covering District 7.

Top 5 Crimes for last month (August)

  • Car Prowls-46. 37 in June.  Please report suspicious behavior
  • Traffic Accidents-non reported. 27 compared to 21 in June
  • Reported Traffic Accidents-damage is over $2500. 23 compared to 17 in June
  • 18
  • Mental Health Issues. 15

Homicide at 600 East and Wilmington on Saturday morning.  Vehicle crashed into home and investigation in ongoing.  I will say that it wasn’t a random act, they knew each other.

Where district 7 is within the city for crime

District 7 is at the 8% mark

District 6 is at 4-5% that last few years

District 4 is at 33% for reference

Det. Norgaard introduced himself.

Fire Station #3 Update

Bob Silverthorn-Challenges this summer with the heat, excessive drought, and flash flooding issues.  Have had some heat related injuries on the fire ground.  Remind people drink plenty of water, stay hydrated, limit time outside.  Responded to 70 fire related incidents last month, 189 medicals (year to date 1407).  California is blowing up so we have had crews out there most of the summer.  We continue to be impacted by COVID 19, over 80% of our fire employees have been fully vaccinated.  We wear masks in public. We have adapted really well. Not sure when we will return to in person activities or tours.  Props to the ban on city fireworks, helped reduce firework related fires.  Thanks to the community for their support

Community Liaison Tim Cosgrove

SLC mayor used her executive powers to issue an order for masks to be worn in K-12 schools.  Today SLC released the application for the CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) applications.  Grass roots at it’s finest.  Led by citizen requests.  Application closes September 30th.  Once application is turned in, the constituent will work with city employees on that application over the next few months.  Tiny home design competition is ongoing until the end of October. Cash prize for winning designs.

Michael G.’s Spotlight on Business

Misty from Mindful Living and Wellness Center on 1100 East and 1592 South.  We have infrared Red Therapy, Massage, Floating Tanks, Meditation Gardens and Yoga.  Holistic Wellness Center. We started a few weeks before the shutdown so we have had to pivot but things are going well.   Thank you for the community support.  Our business is in a house that was built in 1912, most of the furnishing from the Sugar House Antique Store.

Mark Issac with 24 hour Update

Demolition has begun on the old 24 hour building.  The application we are looking at tonight is the larger market rate building where the old 24 hour building once stood.  We are working with the city for a complete street.  Will be building both buildings at the same time.  Both buildings are serviced by underground parking.  We are using the opportunity to use the extra height which we can in the Sugar Business District 1.  Check out the plans at under Land Use

Sally Barraclough-Urban Forester and Mayor’s Office has asked to help with parking strip Tree Watering. We thought each trustee can be responsible for their area in reminding people to water their trees in the park strip in particular the ones with green bags.  The city is backing off these bags so asking people to take these bags off.  We have some flyers printed talking about this process, Landon has them for those interested.

We have also brought in an Allen Park subcommittee into our POST committee

Laurie Bray-Sugar House Art Walk September 10th from 6-9 pm.  Can check out on the Sugar House Art Walk Instagram Page

Lauren Shafer-deputy city recorder for the city.  Rank Choice Voting

Pilot program that the legislature rolled out that Salt Lake City opted to use this year.  No primaries.  23 cities opted in for 2021.  District 7 will have 3 candidates this year. All info is at

SLC Airport Update

Hub for Delta Air Lines.  Building Phase 2 currently.  August 8th was the busiest day in the history of the airport.  SLC is recovery outpacing most other airports.  Aeromexico is coming back next week, KLM is coming back next Spring, we have 9 carriers, 4th largest Delta hub.  Currently have Delta’s largest Sky Club.  First new hub airport built in the 21st Century.  Everything has street pricing, nice combination of local and national brands. Old airport has been demolished took 8 months. Phase 2 construction has begun. When construction is finished Concourse A will have 47 gates and Concourse B will have 31 gates.  Airport now accommodates larger planes.  All gates will be open by the fall of 2025.  A new tunnel will shorten the walk from Concourse A to Concourse B.  Could possibly add 16 gates but has not been finalized.

Laurel Stringham-4th Street Clinic

4th south and 4th west southwest corner.  Federally qualified health center designated as a homeless only center. We see about 5,000 people with about 25,000 visits.  We are the gap service for folks, see people on a sliding fee scale.  We are a full service center, have all services.  Did over 10,000 COVID tests.  Have administered about 3,000 vaccines.  More info see

S-Line Extension Update Lynn Jacobs

Purpose: increase service and bring value to the community, provide access to and support for the heart of Sugar House business district, boost visibility of the street car and further enhance our ridership.

UTA and Salt Lake City are working together.  We have received $12 million in funding.  We will be back to see you in the fall to talk about the alignment, just want to get to the heart of Sugar House business district.  Want to improve choices for travel, increase mobility and access and make way for future improvements.

Goal is keep the community informed and engaged, improve active transportation connections and create useful area placemaking.

How to connect, 833-801-7433 and

Councilwoman Amy Fowler

Finalized the CIP projects.  Many District 7 projects were funded including the safe side streets project. Please continue to look at opportunities for future CIP applications

Sprague Library Update

We started a puzzle exchange at the library.  Bring one in and take a puzzle home.  Working on an adult year long reading challenge.  We accept all puzzle and game donations.

Meeting Adjourned and See you in October

Landon Clark