SHCC September 2023 Meeting Minutes

SHCC September 2023 Meeting Minutes


Board of Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

7:00 P.M.

In Person at The Neighborhood Hive and Streaming on YouTube


1)  Welcome

  • Landon welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2)  Isaac Astill, Salt Lake City School District & Veda Foster, CIP Applicant

  • Isaac is the director of auxiliary services for the school district. The district has a contractor lined up to do asbestos mitigation on Roslyn Heights. Should begin this month and take 60 days. After that the district will work to remove some electrical components and demo the building. The property is needed but no decisions have been made for how the property will be used. It could be used for a new high school but there would need to be movement of some athletic fields for that to happen. The goal is to have the building fully demolished by early spring.
  • Veda will be submitting an application to the City for a CIP grant for a new basketball facility at Fairmont. The current facility is small and in poor shape. A college-size court would fit without encroaching on the other athletic fields at the park. Judy moved to approve a letter in support of the project and Rick Knickerbocker seconded. The motion passed unanimously. They are seeing fewer 911 calls because of this model.

3)  Fire Department

  • SLCFD and SLCPD are using social workers as part of their emergency response model. They are seeing tremendous benefits from that. Many issues the SLCFD and SLCPD department deal with are substance abuse and mental illness issues. Social workers help with those responses. The goal is to provide people with resources to deal with mental health and substance abuse issue so that fire and police departments are not responding to calls from the same individuals day after day.

4)  James Alfandre / Brandon Hill and Erica Wiggins / Hong Luen

  • James is running for City Council District 6. He is raising 5 kids here in the City. The District and City are great but can be better. He would like to put his experience to work in District 6. He is a trained urban design, environmental, and economic development trainer.
  • Brandon and Erica updated us about the business community. The Sugar House Rocks concert will be held next Friday. There will be vendors and it will help the surrounding businesses. It is 5-8 this month. There will be a “Bonnie Ball” at the Hive. The event goes to raise money for wildlife conservation and local businesses. That will be from 11 to 4 on September 30th. There will be a lot of vendors and live music.
  • Erica presented the Spotlight on Business. The new owners of Fiddlers and SLP&P discussed their new plans. They are keeping the Fiddlers name but not SLP&P. There is a change in menu to SLP&P; some old and some new items. The menu at Fiddlers will have a roadhouse vibe. Big changes at the bar. It will be called “The Locker Room” and be Sugar House’s first gay sports bar. They would like to be “the spot” for the gay community in Sugar House and the City. They work closely with LGBT organizations and local businesses. The name change will happen within the next three weeks; changes to the building will happen in the coming months. The Locker Room will be open from 10:30pm to 1 am, serving food, with hopes of developing a late night menu later on.
  • Hong is running against Brian King this fall. She is the owner of Purgatory on 700 S. She is a business owner, mother, and refugee and brings that perspective to her candidacy. She is focused on public education and especially the lack of public education funding. She is having a candidate kickoff this Saturday at 11:30 am at Sapa on State Street.

5)  Treasurer’s and Secretary’s Report.

  • Our US Bank account balance is $4,373.48. We have closed out the Fairmont art project and all artists have been paid. The donations from the PayPal account for that project has been moved to the bank account.
  • We have a new trustee tonight, Heidi lives here in the district and is excited to be on the council. Lynn made a motion to accept her application and Judi seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

Laurie made a motion to approve the June meeting minutes and Judy seconded the motion. Which passed unanimously.

  • We received a bid from Paula Sageser PCS Creative to take over hosting of our website. Paula and PCS manage the Sugar House Chamber’s website. Moving our site hosting to PCS from Sites by Sara would be more expensive—$125/moth as opposed to $65/month currently (but $72 after our renewal takes effect—but we would gain some new services, including redesign of some portions of the site that aren’t working very well, increased usability of online forms, especially those Judi uses, and increased site security. PCS Creative also offers greater transparency and full access to our data, which we do not have with our current site servicer. We are also coming up on needing a site rebuild. Switching now gives PCS Creative the ability to get to know our site so that, in the next couple years, they can undertake the rebuild. The executive committee has discussed this and believe the additional $53/month site hosting expense is worth it for the additional benefits we’ll gain. Laurie made a motion to move the site and Judy seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

6)  Jack Parker

  • Jack is with the Utah Skate Park Advocacy group. He is looking to turn in a CIP application to update the Fairmont Skate Park. It would help with graffiti removal and update to some of the infrastructure which is in poor repair. The goal is to make a more “user friendly” skate park. Utah Skate Park Advocacy helps communicate community concerns to development of skate parks. They also work closely with city governments when they are developing and redeveloping their skate parks. The group also helps coordinate graffiti removal at skate parks. The CIP program is the Capital Improvement Project. Goups and neighborhoods can apply to fund projects that improve city assets like parks and roads. 

7)  Lynn Jacobs

  • There will be a District 6 candidate event Sept. 20 from 6 – 8:30 at East High. Everyone is invited.
  • Right now Highland Drive is under construction. They have moved into the intersection at 2100 S. It is hard to fit in all the construction work and the traffic The good news is that Highland south of Simpson is now two-way traffic. They should be wrapping up construction on Highland for the Christmas Season in November. Next spring they will start rebuilding Highland on the north side of 2100 S. Soon the sewer rebuilding will begin on 2100 S. between Highland and 1300 E. They will employ the “pipe bursting” technique to speed up the construction process. Try not to use 2100 S. to travel between Sugar House and other areas of the City. The intersection at 2100 S and 1700 E will still allow left-hand turns. The 2100 S road rebuild will kick off next spring starting at 1300 S. and running down to 700 E. UTA will be extending the S-Line to Highland around the same time. The 1300 E rebuild will start in 2025 which will allow Highland to be completed before the 1300 E rebuild begins.

8)  Hanna Barton

  • Hanna is the new Tim Cosgrove. She has a handout on what the City is doing to address homelessness. There will be a winter overflow in West Valley opening in October and will run to April 15. There will be 150 beds. They are looking to add 600 beds county wide. Hanna brought some flyers about potential school closures and meeting on those potential closures. The City is doing an internal ADA evaluation of all City parks. September is “Idle Free” awareness month. The City is trying to think up new strategies to make the City more idle free. The City is putting signs around elementary schools in the City to encourage drivers to slow down There are signs at the City & County building if you would like to pick one up to post if you are near an elementary school.
  • CIP applications are due September 30. The initial application is for the idea, after which you’ll be paired up with someone in the City about design and budgeting. You are not required to know about the budget and planning process beforehand. September 9 is the nationwide day of service in remembrance of 9/11. If anyone is looking for something to do Hanna can get you plugged into those project. As to the ballpark, you can look at the new ideas for the ballpark on

9)  Nate Blouin Sahara Hayes

  • Last year the Utah Senate passed a bill that would have allowed video ticketing. It passed the Senate but died on the floor of the House.  

10)  Sarah Young

  • The Council considered a zoning request in District 7. It was denied. The drive thru ordinance passed, limiting drive thrus in the Sugar House business area. The Council also discussed powers it might have if there was a new pandemic and concluded it does have powers to address a new pandemic emergency. As to CIP applications, photos are very helpful.

11)  Jeremy Chatterton

  • It’s Highland’s homecoming this week. The big game is Friday and the dance is Saturday. Chick Filet will sponsor dinner. They also have buses to shuttle students and dresses/suits for students in need. They were awarded Top Performing High School in the City last year. Over 53% of juniors scored over 21 on the ACT. 83% read at or above grade level. The school has a program to send food and other things (like bedding supplies) home to students in need. As to expansion, there may be a bond for the rebuild of Highland and East. Highland would not close during new construction. The rebuild would take about 7 years from start to finish.

12)  Laurie Bray / Judi Short / Sally Baraclough

  • The glass recycling dumpster was tagged. The artist was able to fix it. Please call Laurie if you see any graffiti on the mural and don’t respond to SLC Mobile as they will just fix it with solid color paint. Sugar House Art Walk is this Saturday.
  • Judi reports a new petition from a developer. There will be a meeting on the 19th at the fire station. Information will be posted on the website. There is a new website called You can go make comments and complaints there.
  • We will not be having a POST committee meeting this month. We will meet next month on Oct. 9 with Friend of Fairmont Park. There is a ribbon cutting for Parley’s Trail bridges that cross 900 W and across Jordan River. That will be September 28 at 10 am.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 7 p.m.

Landon Clark