Standards for Attached Garages

Standards for Attached Garages

The city is updating provisions for attached garages.   They are removing building design standards that conflict with state legislation, removing some building code standards, and revisiting provisions for attached garages.  This looks like a text cleanup, while they also will assess if the city goals were met with the last set of changes.  And, they want to be clear that an attached garage in the various zones on the front of the house is less than 50% of the width of the front facade of the house. And, the garage should be behind or in line with the front line of the building, or meet the criteria stated. On Yalecrest, if the new garage is replacing an existing garage, the new garage should be placed in a similar location as the old garage.

Here is a copy of the proposed ordinance.

Here is the original text and what they are changing.

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