Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment Final

Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment Final

Here is the final ordinance for a stealth antenna.

History: This is a revised application from Verizon Wireless to change the zoning regulations regarding Stealth Wireless Communication Facilities (cell towers disguised as something else).  They are asking for a change that would allow health cell towers up to 75 feet tall in only the PL Public Lands Zoning District. They have also requested a change to the zoning regulations to allow stealth towers disguised as pine trees only in the PL Public Lands District. Public Lands is generally used for Schools, Libraries, Fire Stations.

As proposed, the stealth antenna house must:

  • Conform to the dimensions of the object it is being disguised as.
  • Be placed in a location that is in concert with its surroundings.

Here is a link to the SLC Open House page where you can see all the details about this request.  And here are examples of what these antennas could look like.  And, this is a size comparison of the antennas compared to various building sizes.

Here is the letter from SHCC to the Planning Commission for the original proposal   Letter to PC Stealth Cell Tower Text Amendment.  The Planning Commission denied this request on 12/8/2021.  The City Council approved the petition on November 8, 2022.

Judi Short