Sugar Alley 2188 South Highland Drive

Sugar Alley 2188 South Highland Drive

UPDATE: This project began construction in November of 2020.  Unfortunately, October 28 2022, there was a big fire.  Construction crews began rebuilding Sugar Alley on August 28, 2023, just under a year after a fire swept through the wood-framed mixed-use building on Highland Drive and destroyed it shortly before it was finished. Builders started framing the existing concrete podium, indicating that while the fire burned intensely for days last year, the project wasn’t a total loss.

The fire caused tens of millions of dollars in damage to the building, which already had a restaurant tenant lined up when the fire started overnight on Oct. 26 at 2188 S. Highland Drive.


This is a request for Conditional Building and Site Design Review  (CMSDR) approval to build an eight story mixed-use building.The development is proposed to be approximately 85′ in height and include 186 apartments and 16,000 square feet of retail space.  This exceeds the 50′ height allowed in Sugar House Business District-1 zone.  The applicant is also seeking modification to a 15′ upper floor step-back requirement for the NE portion of their building that faces Highland Drive.

This proposal will be on the Sugar House Community Council Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting April 15 at 6 p.m. in the Legacy Sugar House 1212 Wilmington Avenue 5th Floor Fairmont Room.  Come and see the plans, and provide feedback.  Or, read through the plans below and send an email with your comments.




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