Land Use and Zoning Report 2014 December

Land Use and Zoning Report 2014 December

Parley’s Meetinghouse – there was an Open House January 4 and the new Meetinghouse was dedicated on January 5.

The  Sugar House Streetcar Corridor Master Plan and Zoning Amendments  will be coming up soon at the City Council.  This is the rezoning project (form-based code) that will run along the streetcar corridor..  You can find the latest draft on the City Council website agenda for November 25, 2014.  Changes that are new are pages 1-3 and 74-81.  I hope to have a map of what has been changed and this will be on the Land Use and Zoning Meeting Jan 12 at 6 p.m. Sprague Library.  City Council will schedule a public hearing later this month.

2855 Highland Drive This property consists of two parcels.  One (along Highland Drive is zoned CB  106 acres, and the other, on the east side along Crandall Avenue) .35 acres, is currently zoned R1/7000.  It is difficult to develop a parcel within two different zones.  they are requesting to rezone the R 1/7000 parcel to CB.  This will be presented to the SHCC on January 7 and should be at the Planning Commission soon.

Proposed New Sugar House Fire Station

The Salt Lake City Mayor’s office and Salt Lake City Fire Department are recommending a new fire station be built in the southern parking lot area of Forest Dale golf course. Currently the section used to store salt for the winter. The SHCC wants to make sure you know where to get accurate information on this proposal and learn how you can participate in the process.  This proposal is at the very beginning of the public engagement process.

The city council is considering a budget amendment soon designed to transfer identified parcels of land currently owned by the golf enterprise fund to the city’s open space inventory. These parcels will be purchased by the general fund and give the golf fund some needed revenue. None of the parcels identified are part of any working golf course.

A separate issue is the recommendation by the Mayor’s administration and Fire Chief that this location be the site for a new fire station #3. This is a different process that will have ample opportunity for public input. Currently the west side of Sugar House is served by fire station #3 located at Sugarmont Dr. The east side of Sugar House is served by fire station #13 located on Parley’s Way directly adjacent to residential homes. Read more details about this proposal at our website

Home 2 Suites –  We are invited to the ground breaking of the new Home 2 Suites Wednesday January 14 at 2:30 pm at 2350 Foothill Drive.  Refreshments afterward.

January Land Use and Zoning Committee Agenda 6 p.m. Sprague Library

Proposal for a CVS pharmacy on NW corner of 2100 South and 1300 East (Matt Wirthlin)

Sugar House Streetcar Corridor Master Plan and Zoning Amendments (Hopefully we will have a map of the proposed changes by the meeting)

Landon Clark