Land Use and Zoning Report 2014 November

Land Use and Zoning Report 2014 November

  • The Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City (RDA) is providing notice of amending the Sugar House Urban Renewal Project Area budget to extend the tax increment collection period by two years through an Interlocal Agreement.  While the project area boundaries and base valuation would remain the same, the Interlocal Agreement would permit the RDA to continue collecting tax increment for the 2015 and 2016 tax years. Under the terms of the Interlocal Agreement, the RDA would collect 60% ofthe tax increment (as it does currently), and then pay each taxing entity 95% of its share of the tax increment proceeds received and retain 5% for administrative costs. The Interlocal Agreement would include the participation of Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City School District, Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District, Central Utah Water Conservancy District, Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake & Sandy, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City Public Library.


  • Wilmington Sugarmont connection
  • Fire station
  • Circulation study – restore the old street network to SH Center, which is A2 of the circulation plan, do the Streetcar extension to Highland, and the Greenway extension to Highland Drive.


  • The  Sugar House Streetcar Corridor Master Plan and Zoning Amendments  will be coming up soon at the City Counci.  This is the rezoning project (form-based code) that will run along the streetcar corridor..  You can find the latest draft on the City Council website agenda for November 25, 2014.  Changes that are new are pages 1-3 and 74-81.  On January 6, the City Council will have a working session concerning this issue in the afternoon.  A public hearing will take place at a later date.
  • The Planning Commission approved the project at   2202 south   800 East, 4 owner occupied town homes facing the greenway.
  • The City Council is updating its non-conforming use policy    See the November 25 City Council Agenda for the staff report.  There are only 4 properties in Sugar House that are non-conforming, all are small businesses along 27th South.
  • The parcel at 1650 East 1700 South has a proposed subdivision before the city.  It is one parcel, to be divided into three parcels.  The new parcels would each be 50’ wide and 150’ deep, approximately.  After review by the trustees who live nearby, I sent a letter to the planner saying we had no objection.
  • We received a lot consolidation petition from planning for the Legacy Senior Housing project. We purchased the Keller Williams building last year and need to add that to the other two lots where the new building will be located. We’re also adjusting the lot line between our new property and the back of house for Nordstrom Rack and Michaels.

Monument Construction – Weather permitting, the concrete work on the north side of 2100 South will be completed
this week, and pedestrian and driveway access will be reopened by the end of the week. Paver installation will continue on the south side of 2100 South and will commence on the north side of 2100 South. Also, please note the southbound lane on Highland Drive has been reopened, and will only be closed on temporary occasions to receive deliveries. Therefore, there is no parking along Highland Drive except in designated areas

  1. 2855 Highland Drive – rezone from R 1/7000 to CB and remove rear parcel from the Future Land Use Map as Open Space
  2. SH Fire station on 900 East
  3. Rezoning of Sugar House Streetcar Corridor – Form-based Code
  4. RMF 45 zone – City is updating, do we want to make any changes?
Landon Clark