Land Use and Zoning Report 2015 January

Land Use and Zoning Report 2015 January

The City Council held a briefing today for the Sugar House Streetcar Corridor Master Plan and Zoning Amendments.  This would amend the Sugar House Master Plan, and the zoning ordinance to create Streetcar Corridor form-based zoning districts, and amending the zoning map to show locations of FB-SC (form-based streetcar core) and FB-SE (form-based streetcar edge) zoning districts. You can provide input at Open City Hall, or on the www.sugarhouse website.  This is an important issue for the area along the Greenway and west of the Sugar House Business District.  They reviewed the latest iteration of the plan, and sent it back to Planning to be rewritten.  They gave Planning a big list of things they wanted changed and we will have to wait until the next revision comes out to review it.  At some point, there will be a Public Hearing so we can give feedback to the City Council before it is approved.

The Club Karumba has continued to be a problem and there was a recent meeting to discuss issues,  Many neighbors were there as well as SHCC members, representatives from the police, this  will continue to be an ongoing dialogue.

Salt Lake City held an Open House January 29 at the Fairmont Clubhouse regarding the potential new SH Fire Station, which is proposed to be located on 900 East in the part of the golf course parking lot currently used for the salt pile. There were a number of neighbors present, some were in favor and some opposed.  The city will continue its outreach on this proposal.

CVS has filed an application to build a new store on the NW corner of 2100 South and 1300 East, replacing the existing car wash.  They presented their plans at our January Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting.  They will be on the SHCC agenda February 4.

The Planning Commission approved the rezone of the parcel at 2855 Highland Drive from R 1/7000 to CB on January 28. Hopefully we will see drawings of what they plan to build when it is designed. The City Council will still have to approve the rezone.

The Land Use and Zoning Agenda will talk about the Sugar House Fire Station potential move to 900 East near the Forestdale Clubhouse.  We will try to put our thoughts together and provide a recommendation to the city.

Landon Clark