Sugar House Non-profits

Sugar House Non-profits

volunteerSugar House Area Non-profits

Sugar House is home to an amazing array of non-profits that do a tremendous job in our community.  The Sugar House Community Council is also a nonprofit, but we want to highlight all the great work in our community.  Take a look at what is going on here in our neighborhood and get involved!

Kiwani’s Club of Sugar House – Serves the community by sponsoring programs with the Boys & Girls Club of Sugar House, partnering with neighborhood schools to conduct leadership training, reading programs, annual Hidden Hollow clean up and much more.  Looking for community members to get involved!
Hank Kennedy – President

Best Friends Adoption Center – Find your new family member at the Best Friends Animal Adoption Center. Best Friends is a no-kill facility that works to place their rescues in their forever homes. Consider volunteering to walk the dogs and if you are looking for a new pet drop in to the facility.
2005 S 1100 E

Boys & Girls Club of Sugar House –Offer a variety of programs from elementary age to teens through activities that include sports, photography, sign language, painting, language and so much more.  Get in touch with them to discover all the great things that await your children.
968 E Sugarmont Ave

Utah AIDS Foundation – The UAF works to help prevent HIV infection and empowers people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS to live healthier and fuller lives through targeted prevention education and direct client services.  This really doesn’t begin to describe the amount of outreach, education and services UAF provides the community.  They operate a 24-hour crisis hotline, coordinate meal delivery and home care for direct services and HIV prevention programs to just name a few.  They have numerous volunteer opportunities where you can get involved to make a difference in your community, but more importantly make a difference in someone’s life.
1408 S 1110 E

Utah Open Lands – UOL is a land conservation organization that works to help permanently preserve open space for future generations.  Their office has been in Sugar House for a long time and they currently hold the conservation easement for Hidden Hollow Natural Area (a Sugar House gem).  They are always in need of volunteers.
2188 S Highland Dr #203

HawkWatch International – Hawkwatch has been around since 1986 and only recently made Sugar House their base to highlight the great work they do to protect and educate us about raptors.  Their mission is to help protect the environment through education, long-term monitoring and scientific research centered around raptors as a health-indicator species.   They are a wealth of knowledge on conservation science and do many activities in the community to highlight and educate about raptors.  It’s easy to get involved.
2240 S 900 E

Jewish Family Services – The JFS is a nondemoninational social service organization.  They provide counseling, care management and community education in service to a diverse population as they work to strengthen families.  They have a qualified staff that helps support teens, seniors, refugees, students and families in need of counseling.  “JFS is able to provide a very professional level of support to those in need in the Jewish and the greater Salt Lake communities. They serve as our arm in reaching out to the community at large and are committed to preserving human dignity,” says Rabbi Tracee Rosen of Salt Lake’s Congregation Kol Ami.
1111 E Brickyard Rd Ste 109

Rape Recovery Center – Another long time Sugar House non-profit the Rape Recovery Center has been working tirelessly to provide counseling, education and support to victims of sexual assault.  They operate a 24-crisis hotline, a 24-hour hospital response team, and they offer professional therapy and support groups to victims and their families.  Through advocacy, community education programs and volunteers they help make a difference in our community.
2035 S 1300 E

Youthlinc – Creating lifetime humanitarians through service programs.  Youthlinc is an amazing organization that promotes community service from a local to international level.  They offer a multi cultural experience for students and volunteer mentors that will enrich your life as well as the community both here and abroad.  This is one organization you want to learn more about and get involved as they make a difference in so many lives and they are located right here in Sugar House.
1140 E Brickyard Rd #76

Utah Rivers Council – Started in the 1990s in response to a proposed dam on the Diamond Fork this group has grown to advocate for Utah’s rivers and clean water sources for us all.  Through grassroots advocacy, community leadership, education and research they work hard to give the rivers a voice.  It’s easy to get involved with this great group of folks that range from avid river runners to strong conservationists.  They have ample volunteer opportunities and internships.
1055 E 2100 S #207

Renewable Energy Resources – A grassroots organization is working to promote alternative energy resources in light of climate change.  Through advocacy and educational programs RER is working to offer solutions to reducing our carbon footprint and living more in balance with our environment.  They have a massive amount of information on their website and offer many programs in which to learn more.  If you have any questions about solar, wind, geothermal or biomass these is a great place to get information and take action.
769 Harrison Ave

Visual Art Institute – The VAI is a premier art program from children and teens.  They offer classes and program in all mediums of drawing, sculptures, animation, architecture, painting, film making and more.  Sugar House is lucky to have such a diversified organization offering these amazing classes to encourage children’s artistic expressions and individuality.  Take advantage and learn more.
2901 S Highland Dr

The Rotary Club of Sugar House – The rotary club of Sugar House is centered upon the ideal of fostering and encouraging service to your community and the world.  The service programs they run is extensive and reach out to every level of community service.  To learn more about this worthwhile organization or to contact them visit their website.

Landon Clark