Woodland Commons 2345 S 500 East and 2445 S 500 E (Formerly known as Warnock Commons)

Woodland Commons 2345 S 500 East and 2445 S 500 E (Formerly known as Warnock Commons)

We are now seeing Phase 2 of the project we saw in 2022. (See below) This is the property directly to the South on 500 East, with the turquoise border.  This request is to rezone this parcel from r-1/7000 to RMF-35 so it matches the zoning of the adjoining 2345 S 500 East.  There are also drawings of the townhomes they want to put on the parcel, it is not clear whether that is part of this proposal, or will come later.  Might be an over-the-counter proposal which means it meets all the zoning requirements so we will not be asked to weigh in. Here is the letter we received. And, here is the letter we sent to the Planning Commission.

This has been approved by the Planning Commission for a rezone on the second parcel, and will now go to the City Council for the zoning  map amendment.

This proposal was on the SHCC Land Use and Zoning(LUZ) agenda at 6 pm on Monday, August 21 at the Sprague Library. The two projects will be a total of 28 units, with 56 parking stalls.  If you have comments, even if you attend our meeting, please send me an email with 2445 S 500 East in the subject line. All comments will go with my letter to the Planning Commission.

UPDATE:  The City Council approved the rezone of 2435 South(see old news below) on August 16, 2022.  The land was sold to Altus Development Group, which is now proposing this townhome development. They are requesting a Planned Development to construct 20 for-sale townhomes on the parcel 2435 S 500 East.  The city provided us with a notice of the project. Here is the applicant’s description of what they are proposing.

OLD NEWS:  I spoke to the developer about what our concerns had been concerning the pollution from the freeway.  He told me he was planning to put a big row of fast-growing trees closely planted on the north side, and limit, or not have, any windows that opened on that side.  He does not like the idea of skylights for extra light, because they always seem to leak.  Here are the plans provided by the developer.  

This was on the SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee Monday, November 14, 2022. Here is the letter I sent to the Planning Commission after that meeting. I did receive a few comments. There is still time to provide comments that I will send along with my letter to the Planning Commission.

OLD NEWS:  The rezone from R1/7000 to RMG-35 was approved by the Planning Commission on January 26, 2022 and was on the City Council agenda for a public hearing on Tuesday, August 9 at 7:00 pm.  Here is a link to that staff report.  And here is the letter from SHCC.    The original request was to rezone a parcel from R-1-7,000 Residential to RMF-35. To facilitate this zoning change the Applicant has also requested an amendment of the General Plan from Low-Density Residential (5-10 dwelling units per acre) to Medium Density Residential (8-20 dwelling units per acre). The property owner intends to construct eighteen (18) townhome units on the property. General Plan and Zoning Map amendment requests require a recommendation from the Planning Commission and final approval from the City Council. I have attached information submitted by the applicant relating to the project to facilitate your review. Read that information here:

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