Transportation Committee, August 15, 2016

Transportation Committee, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016

7:15 PM

Sprague Branch Library

Upcoming Events:

*Foothill Drive Implementation Study: August 31, 2016- 5:00-7:00 PM

Hillside Middle School- 1825 S. Nevada Street ( 2330 East)

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*21st and 21st Small Area Plan (Ready for Review)

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Guest Presenter: Eric Schroeder- Manager for Utah Uber

-Uber is a cashless phone application that can be used via a smartphone

-Uber’s mission is to make transportation accessible for everyone, everywhere.

-CEO of Uber has the goal of eliminating personal car use.

-Uber is in 100 countries and 425 cities.


-Eric believes Uber is doing the following:

-Reducing the number of drunk driving incidents

-Complimenting public transit

-Providing access to communities where public transit may not be in existence or very weak.

-Cutting congestion and pollution

-Creating economic opportunity

-Increasing safety


Things to know:

-Uber takes 25% and the driver gets 75%

-Drivers are paid every Monday

-Cannot tip in the app, but can give the driver a cash tip.

-Driver and rider can review each other, but more often the rider is reviewing the driver, not the other way around.

-There is a desktop version of Uber

-Uber’s national headquarters are in San Francisco

-Uber has 3 full time staff members in Utah including Eric

-Average driver for Uber drives 10hrs a week nationwide, so for the most part this is not the main source of income for Uber drivers.

-Uber drivers do have to go through a series of background checks which includes the national sex offender registry as well.






Landon Clark