THE REVISED TWENTY ONES (2100 SOUTH AND 2100 EAST)Including Blue Plate Property

THE REVISED TWENTY ONES (2100 SOUTH AND 2100 EAST)Including Blue Plate Property

UPDATE:  Since the project was approved on September 30, 2021, some changes were made.  They are detailed in the staff report pages 1-30. This will be heard by the Planning Commission on May 12. 2021 at 5:30 p.m.  If this is denied, the applicant will need to comply with the conditions in the 9/23/2020 decision of the Planning Commission (see below).

On September 23, 2020 the Planning Commission approved this project.  These are the conditions:

  1. A subdivision or parcel consolidation to be recorded, including the proposed area of land to be dedicated to the city.
  2. Final approval of the details for signage, street lighting, streetscape details, and landscaping to be delegated to Planning staff to ensure compliance with the Design Review standards, and applicable guidelines in the 21st & 21st Neighborhood Plan.
  3. Additional street trees shall be added to the 2100 South right of way, details to be delegated to Planning staff.
  4. The street facing retail and commercial doors shall remain open to customers during business hours to allow for active commercial uses along the street-facing facades.
  5. Staff shall be provided a copy of the site Remedial Action Plan and mitigation steps shall be incorporated if necessary.
  6. Approval is for the specific items discussed and identified in the staff report. All other applicable zoning regulations and requirements from other city departments still apply.
  7. Any changes to the site shall comply with all standards required by City Departments.

Here is the link to the staff report.

Here are the two letters SHCC has written to the Planning Commission, along with comments received and comment cards.

The Blue Plate Diner has sold to this developer, and the final set of plans is shown below.

New Early Engagement Notification_TwentyOnes_3

New 21st Letter

New Twenty Ones DRC resubmittal_sm (1)

In 2017, the 2100 South and 2100 East Neighborhood Plan was approved:  .  This proposal meets all the requirements of that plan.


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