What Do You Want to See at Allen Park?

What Do You Want to See at Allen Park?


UPDATE January 20, 2020:  On January 13, we had a meeting with the developer, Rinaldo Hunt.

About 75 people were present.  He presented this very preliminary plan and took comments.  While none of the buildings are labeled as to size or number of units, these range from duplexes to eight-plexes, with one parking stall per unit.  About 60 total units.  He talked about the constraints of the parcel, such as the Riparian corridor which creates an area 50’ on either side of the Emigration Creek that cannot be built on.  He talked about building a loop road at the upper end, there apparently already is a bridge that will handle cars.  There are many dead trees which will have to come out.  He said most of the buildings are in very rough shape and indicated he didn’t want to restore those.  But, he might restore the two duplexes on the north property line to the left on this drawing.  He talked about keeping the art, but then said much of it was in terrible shape.  He brought a team of architects to the meeting, along with a preservation expert.  He plans to meet with people like Utah Open Lands, and will have another community meeting when he has a new version of his plans.

The audience shared their concerns, and many people have provided comments on our website https://sugarhousecomm.wpengine.com/what-do-you-want-to-see-at-allen-park/.  These have been compiled for the developer.  Community concerns are many:  traffic, loss of trees, preservation of the art, preservation of the buildings, too much density, losing the history of the place, perhaps it could be a park.  The developer is thinking about all of this, and will have another meeting with the community when he has more to share.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already commented, you can add your comments on the website, and they will be sent to the developer.


Everyone who attended the January 13 meeting, or who submits a comment, will be added to an Allen Park email list.  As this evolves, you will be notified.


Early January 2020:  A fiduciary  has recently awarded a developer, Rinaldo Hunt, an option to buy Allen Park and develop the property.

He has asked to meet with neighbors.  He would like to talk about his thoughts, and hear what the

neighborhood would like to see.  He can explain some of the challenges,

such not being able to build on the riparian corridor, and the steep cliffs on the east end of the property.  He would like to keep some of the structures, but says they are all in pretty bad shape.

We have a meeting set for Monday, January 13, from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Sugar House Legacy, 1212 E Wilmington Avenue, Fifth Floor Fairmont Room.  Please come, listen to the developer, and share your thoughts.  If you are unable to attend, please put your comments on the form below.  We will share your feedback with the developer.  Watch this page, and our Sugar House Community Council Facebook Page, for updates.  This could take quite a while to develop, and when the plans are ready for prime time, Salt Lake City will send them to us to gather public input.  We hope that along the way in this project, we can provide feedback to the developer.  This has been a unique part of the fabric and history of Sugar House, and we want to see this develop in an appropriate way.

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