The Elm Alley vacation was approved by the City Council on October 19.

Significant Water Users Text Amendment was approved by the Planning Commission on September 21, and will go to the City Council for final approval.

The design of the Sugar Town Project was approved by the Planning Commission on October 13, 2021. The petitioner met all the requirements of the Design Standards and will proceed to get a building permit.

1945 South 1300 East is on the City Council agenda for a public hearing on 11/6/2021 at 7 pm.  This is a rezone from RMF-35 to RMF-45 to allow the owner to tear down the current apartment building and build a taller one up to 45′ in order to gain a few more apartments. You can read about the project and provide comments.  We will post information about how to contact the City Council, either by email or by verbally making a comment at the November 6 meeting, shortly.

The proposed ADU at 2274 Green Street was approved by the Planning Commission on September 9, 2021, with the condition that it cannot be an Air BnB.

Old Sugar House Fire Station parcel  rezone – This parcel is currently zoned for Public Lands. In order to develop this parcel along with the old Deseret Industries parcel, they must be the same zone. You can read about this project and provide feedback to SHCC. This potentially can go to the Planning Commission on November 24.

An ADU has been proposed for 2900 S 900 East, to be built above a new to-be-constructed garage. This was on our LUZ meeting October 11, we are still taking comments. This will be on the Planning Commission soon.

The small building of the Alta Terra project at 1132 Ashton Avenue (the parking lot west of the Sugar House liquor store) was reviewed by the LUZ committee October 11 and should be scheduled for Planning Commission on November 10. You can read about the project and still provide comments here.

Verizon Wireless submitted a revised proposal to change zoning regulations regarding Stealth Wireless Communication Facilities.  They are asking for a change that would allow health cell towers up to 75 feet tall in only the PL Public Lands Zoning District. They have also requested a change to the zoning regulations to allow stealth towers disguised as pine trees only in the PL Public Lands District. Public Lands is generally used for Schools, Libraries, Fire Stations.

As proposed, the stealth antenna house must conform to the dimensions of the object it is being disguised as, and be placed in a location that is in concert with its surroundings.

Here is a link to the SLC Open House page where you can see all the details about this request.  And here are examples of what these antennas could look like.  Send us a comment to go with our letter to the Planning Commission.

1861-71 South 1300 EastWe have received a request for a Planned Development to construct five new three-story townhomes at this address. The applicant is requesting a reduction in lot width from 25 feet to 20 feet, and an additional five feet of height (beyond the 30-foot maximum) to accommodate railings for decks on the roofs of the proposed townhomes. Each townhome would sit on its own lot. This will be on the November 15 LUZ Zoom meeting of SHCC at 6 p.m. Some neighbors received a letter from the city, and 150 flyers will be distributed to the neighborhood with information about our Land Use and Zoning meeting. If you send me a comment, you will get a link to the meeting.

Judi Short