Add SF Attached to Select Commercial Zones

Add SF Attached to Select Commercial Zones

This is a proposal for a text amendment to the Salt Lake City zoning code, aiming to increase
housing ownership opportunities by permitting single-family attached housing in commercial
districts (CB, CS, CC, CSHBD, and CG) where multi-family is currently allowed. text amendment  primarily

seeks to revise existing zoning regulations, aiming to eliminate unnecessary obstacles in producing for-sale homes.

Please note this proposal is from a property owner, not the city or the mayor.

In zoning areas where single-family attached housing is prohibited while multi-family housing is permitted, many projects that resemble townhomes are designated as condos for legal classification. This classification as condos allows the projects to be considered a multi-family development rather than single-family attached housing. The key issue at hand is that when a project is designated as a condo rather than an attached single-family residence, it is much more likely it will be rented rather than sold to individual families.
But why do investors often steer clear of selling condos? The answer lies in the significant liability
risks tied to condo sales. The intricate nature of condominium development, involving individual unit
sales within a shared property, can amplify the potential for legal disputes and financial liabilities.
Additionally, ownership percentage requirements create challenges in individually selling off the
project. Consequently, even if some developers are willing to take on the extra risks associated with
selling individual condo units, most architects, builders, and other stakeholders tend to shy away from
such projects.
This zoning text amendment is a direct response to concerns within our own firm and those voiced by
the developers, architects, and industry professionals we engage with regularly. This amendment is
not tied to a specific project but rather seeks to address a systemic issue. The current zoning
regulations inadvertently favor rental housing over homeownership by creating unnecessary hurdles
in producing more for sale units.

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This is the letter written by the Sugar House Community Council.

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