SH LUZ Report 2016 August

SH LUZ Report 2016 August

The Boulder Ventures project at 2189 s McClelland Avenue was approved unanimously (with a number of conditions listed in the staff report) – by the Planning Commission on  August 24. The conditions were:

1. The applicant shall comply with all other Department/Division conditions attached to this staff report.

2. The applicant shall dedicate the area required for the future extension of the S-Line Streetcar to the City or the Utah Transit Authority (UTA).

3. The applicant shall provide sufficient space for the PRATT and McClelland Trails as required by the Transportation Division.

4. Certificates of Occupancy for the project shall not be issued until the private street is complete providing access through the block from Elm Avenue to Wilmington Street.
5. Certificates of Occupancy for the project shall not be issued until the pedestrian walkway running north to south through the block has been completed on an adjacent property to the east of this development.
6. Final approval of signage, lighting, and landscaping to be delegated to Planning staff to ensure compliance with the CBSD and PD regulations.  The signage plan shall include a wayfinding component providing direction for pedestrians to destinations in and around the Granite Block.
7. Sidewalks, plaza space and other walkways through the property must allow for 24 hour public access.
8. All of the parcels must be combined into a single lot through an approved Planning process.
9. The north to south oriented pedestrian passageway through the project shall be a minimum of 22 feet in width through its entirety.
10. Final approval authority for the development shall be delegated to Planning staff based on the applicant’s compliance with the standards and conditions of approval as noted within this staff report.
11. Approval is for the specific items discussed and identified in the staff report, on the site plan and the building elevations. All other applicable zoning regulations still apply.
Unfortunately, there was an error in how the public hearing was notified.  The city forgot to put the announcement of the meeting on the state public notice registry within 24 hours before the meeting.  As a result, the issue will be reheard on August 24.  It is not expected that the Planning Commission will reverse their decision.
There is a Draft 21 and 21 Small Area Plan up on Open City Hall and ready for review and comment.  Please give the city your comments.  Once they have compiled all the feedback, they will bring it back to us for review.
On August 10, the Planning Commission  approved the Liberty Place town home development at 640 East Wilmington Avenue.
The Council approved the CVS rezone of both parcels 2036 and 2046 E  1300 South, with a development agreement that would ensure the following design elements are included:
·         Two building entrances are provided, with one entrance located at southeastern corner of the building;
·         Window glazing is provided in compliance with the City Zoning Code for the zoning district;
·         Public sidewalks are widened to a maximum of 10 feet where possible;
·         No more than one driveway is allowed along 2100 South;
·         Pick-up/drop-off window is allowed, subject to limitation on driveways along 2100 South;
·         No more than  44 off-street parking spaces are provided on site;
           The street tree planting plan complies with the City Forrester’s recommendations (including, without limitation,             locating street trees behind the sidewalk along 1300 East);
·         A covered waiting area for bus riders and at least one, weather-protected bicycle rack are provided on site;
·         Enhanced landscape buffers are provided adjacent to the parking lot, with lower fencing and shrubs along the   western edge of the parking lot near the public alley and a buffer along 1300 East with maximum mounding height of 3 feet.
A public hearing was held at the City Council September 6 concerning the rezone of 3120 Richmond Street. After taking public comment, the Council decided to ask staff to see if there are any other zones that might be appropriate for this parcel.   If they come up with something, this will be heard at another public hearing.
The proposal for a Marriott Springhill Suites Hotel  to be located east of the former Toys R Us store on Wilmington Avenue, and The Dixon Building, located at 2144 South Highland Drive, are both being presented to the Sugar House Community Council on September 7.  These petitions will be heard by the Salt Lake City Planning Commission at a later date.
Landon Clark