@SH LUZ REPORT 2017 June

@SH LUZ REPORT 2017 June

On June 28, the Planing Commission approved the Shopko Project,  Here is part of the Record of Decision:

On June 28, 2017 the Salt Lake City Planning Commission granted a conditional approval of the Conditional Building and Site Design Review and Planned Development  for your project located at approximately 2290 S 1300 East.
The following conditions were applied to the request:
1. Final approval of signage, lighting, and landscaping shall be delegated to Planning staff to ensure compliance with the Conditional Building and Site Design Review and Planned Development regulations.
2.           Approval is for the specific items discussed and identified in the staff report, on the site plan, floor plans, and building elevations. All other applicable zoning regulations still apply.
3.           All ground level glass shall be non-reflective as required by the zoning ordinance and shall be clear and un-tinted as noted in the Sugar House Business District Design Guidelines.
4.           Art shall be installed within the parking structure stair area as shown in the renderings. The windows looking into this space shall be non-reflective, clear, and un-tinted glass to allow for visibility of the art and potential pedestrian activity.
5.           Cross access agreements with the adjacent property owners be obtained for the roadway connection to 1300 East.
6.          Additional pedestrian signage and wayfinding signage be included throughout the project to integrate it with the community and facilitate pedestrian connectivity with the rest of Sugar House.

7.    A management/programming plan be developed to maintain the gallery space as an active space, including hours of operation and what the plan is to keep it active.

8.           That the north side of the medical building be modified to make it more integrated for pedestrian use, including adding additional signage to the entry way, and that the interior be developed to make it more inviting on that side.

9.          That the applicant return to the Commission for final approval of conditions 6, 7,

and 8.

The Commission provided additional guidance concerning what they would like to see regarding condition 8, by noting that they would like to see a better entrance so that people (pedestrians) can see there is an entrance, signage that is inviting pedestrians into what they have access to in the building such as the deli and pharmacy, and other changes that create an
active use along  Stringham Ave.”
They will begin demolishing  the old Shopko any day.  Site preparation has already begun.
The developer has said that he will be excited to work with us to develop a signage package for the block.
Landon Clark