SH LUZ Report 2018 January

SH LUZ Report 2018 January

Changes to the Accessory Dwelling Units  Ordinance has been sent back to Planning by the City Council on December 5 for one more round of edits.  Hopefully, this will be back on their agenda in January. There is not consensus among the members.

The City Council Adopted the 21 and 21 Small Area Plan on November 21.  There is a link to the final version on the website.

On December 12, the City Council finally adopted the SLC Housing Plan, and the Transit Master Plan was approved December 5. There will be a link for both on our website as soon as they are available.

The development known as The former Shopko Location, went back before the Planning Commission to present additional materials to finalize their approval for the Planned Development and Conditional Site Design Review of the 2290 South 1300 East location. They needed to approve the details of the street side views of the U Medical Building, and the gallery space along the north side of their parking terrace, which fronts on Stringham Avenue.  They had a detailed way finding signage plan, and doors on the street showing entrance to the medical building and signs for the Pharmacy and Deli.  They also detailed a management plan for how the gallery space would be called UMOCA Sugar House, and be run by the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Salt Lake City.  Exact details will be worked out.  UMOCA has an Artist In Residence program to foster the growth of local artists. More details included in the staff report.

The addresses of the three buildings are:

  • 1260 East Stringham – 5 story University Medical Building
  • 1230 East Stringham – 6 story Office Building
  • 1202 East Stringham – 7 story Apartment Building


You may remember two years ago we were asked to approve a zoning change on this parcel, to rezone the rear lot from R1/ 7000 to CB, to match the rest of the parcel.  We approved the rezone but did not have to review the project because the developer wasn’t asking for any exceptions.  I have received many comments about how dense this project looks, and think it looks a lot better now that the exterior is finished.  Here is a description:  “The project replaces a 1950s-era one-story office building on a 1.41-acre parcel.  The townhomes will be rentals with a mix of two and three-bedroom units and two-and-one-half baths.  Each unit will be three stories with a two-car garage on the ground floor with the living space and bedrooms on the second and third floors respectively.

According to Adam Paul, a partner at JF Capital, the Crandall Avenue project will have a similar design as the S-Line Townhomes, a project by the same developers under construction at 2255 S 400 East in South Salt Lake directly south of the S-line.  The S-Line Townhome project is slighter smaller than the Crandall Avenue project with 32 units total.  Unlike the Crandall Avenue project, the S-Line Townhomes will be initially available as rentals but under an agreement with the city of South Salt Lake, JF Capital will need to convert the rentals to for-sale units within three years after construction is completed.  The Crandall Avenue townhomes are the first of two sizable townhome projects to start construction this year.  Cowboy Partners will break ground very soon on the Liberty Place development, a 70-unit townhome project proposed for the 600 East block of Wilmington Avenue directly north of the S-Line.”

1316 Downington Avenue  The Planning Division has received a Planned Development petition for a proposed three-unit single-family attached dwelling project on a single parcel located at 1316 E. Downington Avenue.  The property is approximately 0.28 acres (12,150 square feet) in size.  Per the request, the front yard setback would be reduced from the required 20-feet to approximately 17-feet which is the block face average. The Planning Commission may consider a different setback reduction. The property is currently zoned R-1/7000 – Single Family Residential but the applicant has also requested to amend the zoning map designation of the property to RMF-30 – Low Density Multi-Family. The zone change request was made previously under Planning file PLNPCM2017-00487.  That application was sent to the SHCC on July 18, 2017 to solicit comments and presented to the SHCC at the LUZ meeting of August 21, 2017 and regular SHCC meeting of September 6, 2017. This updated plan will be heard at the January 8 SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting and the February 7 meeting of the Sugar House Community Council.

The December 12 Land Use and Zoning meeting had two Town Home projects on the agenda:

  • 2965 S Richmond Street 
  • 2473 South 700 East

Both items will be on the SHCC meeting January 3.  You can review the plans at

The January Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting was Monday January 8 at 6 p.m. at The Legacy Sugar House. On the agenda was another townhome project, this one at 1316 Downington Place. They are asking to replace two duplexes in very poor condition with three town homes.  They are requesting a rezone from R 1/7000 to RMF-30, a planned development for a front yard setback reduction (from the required 20’ to 17’) and preliminary subdivision approval.  These will be for sale condos. Plans are on

The following developments are in progress:

Sugarmont Apartments (Boulder Ventures) on McClelland by the S Line expected to be complete by fall of 2018.

Shopko Project

Springhill Suites Hotel (begin construction any minute)

Urbana on 21st (expected completion fall 2018)

CVS on 2100 S and 13th East – very close to completion

Cowboy Partners Townhouse Project Framing has begun.  Expected completion fall of 2018

700 East Streetcar Station Project – This was never seen by the Land Use committee, because the project complies with the zone. This is on the NW corner of 700 East and the streetcar line.  It will be 93 apartment units with retail on the first floor.  Office space, a workout room, and general assembly room will front on Wilmington.  The Salt Lake Bicycle Shop has vacated their space, and are renting the old DI building on Highland Drive.  They will move back into the building on 700 East when the new building is completed, along with other retailers.


1) They are beginning the process of trying to codify the design standards that are in our Sugar House Master Plan!!!  Wow.  Probably start after the first of the year.  I hope this won’t mean that we will re-open the master plan because that is a HUGE process and took two years last time.  But just put in writing what those standards say.  Hopefully the planners will do most of the work.  I assume this would bleed over into the 21 and 21 plan as well.

  1. They are going to split the notification process (not sure that is exactly what he called it)  We now have 45 days to provide a response to planning for projects.  They are proposing that communities have a longer period of time when something is a master plan change.
Landon Clark