On April 11 SLC Planning Commission (PC) denied the request to close the alley at 1249 Crystal Avenue.  Here are the minutes of that meeting  This will now go to the City Council for a final decision.  We initially supported the proposal, but after reading the PC staff report, decided to oppose the closure.  The community agreed to send me a letter stating their issues with the PC staff report, which I now have, and will draft a letter to the City Council summarizing the issues.  Apparently there are other alley closures in this subdivision, which were not discussed in the staff report, and it would be interesting to know the reasons why they were approved.

At the May 21 LUZ meeting, we reviewed the presentations for 1950 and 1960 S 1700 East, which is to take two lots, remove existing buildings and build 5 detached single family homes and a private driveway; and the presentation for  2660 Highland Drive, which is to demolish the historic home, and create 4 single family houses with a private driveway down the middle.  Both of these will be presented on June 6 at the SHCC meeting, and will be heard at a later time at the SLC Planning Commission.

The proposal for a Sign Amendment in an Open Space Zone is moving along, and will be on the PC agenda in the near future.

On June 6, we will also hear about The Fairmont, which is a six story apartment building with 59 units and 79 parking spaces, to be built on the NE corner of Elm Avenue and McClelland Street.  This will also be on the SHCC LUZ committee meeting June 18.

The agenda for the SHCC LUZ meeting on June 18 will be

The Sugar House Business District Design Standards text amendment petition is a review of the Sugar House Business District (CSHBD) zone to determine how to better integrate the design guidelines of the Sugar House Master Plan into the base standards of the Sugar House Business District zone. The Sugar House Master Plan includes a “Sugar House Business District Design Guidelines” section that is intended to be used to evaluate the design of proposed development.

The zoning code currently requires all development in the CSHBD zone to comply with this document. However, many of the guidelines in that document are vague and unclear to developers, staff, and the public. The “Guidelines” document consists of approximately 120 various guidelines.

All meetings are held in The Legacy Sugar House 1212 E Wilmington Avenue, on the 5th Floor in the Fairmont Room.

Landon Clark