SH LUZ REPORT 2019 August/September

SH LUZ REPORT 2019 August/September

We did not have a Land Use meeting in July or August, because there were no new projects.  Unbelievable!!

On the September 16 agenda for the SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee, we will have the project at 2166 South 900 East.  They are asking for permission to build a Bar Establishment on the top floor.  The main floor will have a regular full-service family restaurant, which is a permitted use in this zone. There are 24 on-site parking spaces accessible from 900 East.

The 2166 S 900 East property is located in the FB-SE (Form Based Special  Purpose Corridor Edge /subdistrict) and a Bar Establishment is a Conditional Use in this zone. The Conditional Use process looks at compatibility, location, configuration, and potential impacts of the request, and ways to mitigate any potential impacts that are identified.  Here is a link to the zoning code:   .  If you cannot attend the meeting, you can go to our website and fill out the feedback form on this project.

The rumored development on the corner of 21st South and 2100 East is moving forward.  July 18th eight properties on the northeast corner of 21st & 21st sold to Mossberg 2100 LLC. The developer is Rockwood Development.  This will be an over-the-counter permit, which means the community council will not be able to make a formal response to the city about the plans.  However, the developer has agreed to meet with the Land Use and Zoning committee, as soon as plans are far enough along.  It will be at the October 21 LUZ meeting.  This will include everything on 2100 South from 2100-2200 East, except the Blue Plate Diner, the building on the corner, and the Credit Union.  We are told the plans are for a 3 story mixed use retail/residential building.  By definition, an over-the-counter permit means that they are doing everything according to the recently approved zoning code and are asking for no exceptions.  And, that also means we won’t be able to write a letter to the Planning Commission about the project.  We will be able to provide feedback to the developer when he meets with the LUZ committee, probably in October 2019.

 1978 Windsor Street Accessory Dwelling Unit was approved July 31 by the PC.

Hopkins Estates  1950-1960 S 1700 East.  This is a 5 home subdivision that was approved a year ago.  They asked for a one year extension on their approval.  (Permission to develop only lasts one year from the date of approval)  They changed builders and are trying to get them up to speed.  Hopefully, they will begin to build within a few months.  The Planning Commission approved this request August 14.

 The Sugarmont Apartments on the corner of McClelland and Sugarmont has stopped construction for a short period of time, but will resume shortly.  Big D will be the new contractor.  They are preparing a complete list of everything that still needs to be done to get the project finished.

People are asking what happened to the Wasatch Grill across Highland Drive from the Liquor Store, and what is in that building now.   That will be the offices for Big D Construction for the next several years while they finish the Sugarmont Apartments and the apartment building directly east of their location.

The Lowe development Dixon Place at 1034 Elm (corner of McClelland) is expected to have all the permits and be able to begin construction in a month or so. (This project was originally called Fairmont Place).

 The TAG 700  Planned Development 2660 Highland Drive has been sold to Ivory homes, but as far as we know, the project is still expected to be built under the current approvals. They are working on getting the construction permits and then we will see demolition of the historic house.

Springhill Suites – Woodbury Corporation expects to be open November 15, but are shooting for October 31.

The former Salt Lake Costume building apartments at 1701 South 1100 East is expected to be open November 15, but they are hoping to be open by October 31.




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