SH LUZ REPORT 2019 December/January

SH LUZ REPORT 2019 December/January

The next Land Use and Zoning Committee will be February 10, at  the Sugar House Legacy 1212 Wilmington Avenue, Fifth Floor Fairmont Room 6-7 p.m.  The project at 21st South and 21st East, known as the Twenty Ones will be discussed.  The details of the Twenty Ones project are here.

Please note this is design review only.  Here are those standards:  Sugar House Design Standards

A second SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee on February 18 will be held in conjunction with a Salt Lake City Open House regarding the addition to The Jewett Center for Performing Arts at Westminster College. The building addition known as Gillmor Hall will be a 100-person recital hall and dance performance studio housed in a triangular-shaped building located on the south-east side of the existing Jewett Center.  This Open House will be 5-7 p.m. at the Jewett Center Atrium at Westminster College.  You can view the plans here, and make a comment on our website about the plans.

Allen Park

A SH Land Use meeting was held on January 13.  We flyered the neighborhood and emailed everyone we could think of.  The developer who has an option on the property was there, to hear what the neighborhood wanted to see and feedback on the first draft of his proposal (to see the map, go to

There were at least 75 people at the two-hour meeting.  If you want to provide some comments, or get added to the email list to be updated on future meetings, fill out the comment form on the above link on our website.  Future meetings will be announced to the email list, and in Land Use Reports, on our website.

Sugar House Temporary Homeless Shelter

The old DI building at 2234 Highland Drive has been made into a temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness.   We have the details on our website at:  The temporary status is to end April 15, but could be extended a few weeks if the weather is stil very cold or snowy.  Here is the city’s link to more information:

1085 Simpson Avenue Fire Station sale to RDA

Sugarmont Plaza is the area where the old DI was at 2234 Highland Drive.  Adjacent to it are 3 parcels, which house the old SLC Fire Station #3 (currently the temporary Sprague Library). and a utility building.  The addresses are 1085, 1094 and 1104  E Simpson Avenue.  The properties are intended to be assembled into all one parcel with the RDA-owned DI parcel and used for a future development.  Once the properties are sold to the RDA they would need to be rezoned, probably to CSHBD1 Sugar House Business District 1, so that both parcels have the same zoning.

The Sugar House Community Council has long held out that this parcel would be retail on the first floor and affordable housing on the other floors. We have built well over 1000 units in the area in recent years and only about 100 are affordable units.  That is unacceptable.  Go here to see the letter we wrote to the Planning Commission, and see the staff report that was reviewed by the Planning Commission.

Sugar House Business District Design Standards

SLC recommended changes to the design standards in the Sugar House Business District zoning regulations.  There are numerous standards in CSHBD1 but much fewer in CSHBD2.  The changes were to ensure that new small buildings support a high-quality pedestrian oriented environment in Sugar House.  Here is the staff report:

The Planning Commission supported the recommendations in the staff report, and this now goes on to City Council for final approval.

Hopkins Estate Planned Development  1950-1960 S 1700 East .  They have a new builder, and a buyer for the front parcel.  They were required to return to the Planning Commission for approval of that lot because the house needed to face 1700 East  The Commission approved that on 9/25/2019

Brixton Apartments and Bicycle CenterOpened December 3, with 166 units of studio, one and two bedroom, and townhomes.  Also has 18000 square feet of retail and commercial, including the Bicycle Center.  Located conveniently on the Parley’s Trail at 700 East and the Sugar House Streetcar. This was an over the counter permit, so SHCC did not have a chance to review it.  Details here:

1300 East reconstruction 2100 South to 1300 South is complete!!!  Yay!!

Salt Lake Costume Apartments Completed = The building is finished and beginning to lease units as of December 13.  The Costume Sign was reinstalled December 23 after several years in the hospital (Rainbow Neon Signs) waiting for the building to be ready, and thereon bending machine to cooperate.  What a nice holiday present for the Sugar House neighborhood!  Like having an old friend back in town.  Kudos to James and Carmen Hardy for having the sign restored.

The Sugar House Community Council worked for years with Salt lake City to revise the sign ordinance so we could preserve vintage signs, and take them down for repair and put them back up.  The Salt Lake Costume sign was in the news:


A positive recommendation by the Planning Commission was forwarded to the City Council for Petitions PLNPCM2019-00189 & PLNPCM2019-00190.                                

Petition PLNSUB201-00934: Approved with conditions   Will be forwarded to City Council


  1. Off-Street Parking Chapter Ordinance Revision– A public hearing was held in regard to the proposed revisions to the off-street parking chapter of the zoning ordinance. The parking chapter determines how much parking is required for each land use, where the parking can be located, bicycle parking requirements, and other similar requirements. The proposed amendments seek to:
  2. Update parking requirements to better reflect current market demand in the City based on community feedback, City master plans, and planning best practices;
  3. Simplify confusing parking regulations that are difficult for property owners to understand and use significant staff resource to interpret and administer;
  4. Address technical issues that have been identified through the day to day administration of the parking chapter;
  5. Establish a framework that allows for a parking ordinance that can be responsive to the changing dynamics of Salt Lake City’s development patterns.

(Staff contact: Eric Daems at (801) 535-7236 or eric.daems@slcgov.comCase number PLNPCM2017-00753

Here is the full test of the parking proposal.

Border with Millcreek On December 3, 2019, the Salt Lake City Council approved an ordinance to adjust the shared boundary between the City and Millcreek. The adjustment includes an area bordered by 1300 East Street and Highland Drive, and Miller Avenue and Woodland Avenue, as well as a roundabout at approximately 2300 East and 2700 South. As soon as the City Council finalizes this, we will put it on our website.

Adoption of the ordinance is the last step of the Salt Lake City Council’s involvement in the boundary adjustment process. Once the ordinance is adopted, the two cities will then need to file paperwork with the Lieutenant Governor’s office before the end of April 2020. The boundary adjustment should then be final on July 1, 2020. We will post the final map as soon as we have it.


1712 S 10th East ADU waiting to be scheduled for Planning Commission

1807 S 1900 East ADU  waiting to be scheduled for Planning Commission

ADU at 2651 Imperial Street was approved with conditions at the Planning Commission on January 8.




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