Here is the Agenda for the January 26 Planning Commission.

The following Sugar House items will be on this agenda:

  • ADU Conditional Use at approximately 2900 South 900 East
  • ADU Conditional Use at approximately 2346 S Park Street
  • TAG SLC Nibley Park General Plan and Zoning Map Amendments 2435 S 500 East
  • Alta Terra Sugar House Design Review.  This is for the larger building at 1121 Ashton Avenue.

If you go the agenda above, you can read the staff report for each of these proposals.  And the agenda will also give you clear directions on how you can watch the meeting via WEBEX. If you want to speak at the meeting, you need to register through Webex.  If you just want to watch it, you can watch youtube or SLC TV (link here.).  If you just want to send in a written comment, send it to, and on the subject line put the title of the project.  If you want someone to read your comments aloud during the meeting, specify that on the first line of your email.  If you want to speak, tell them on the first line of your email and they will call on you at the proper time. You only have TWO MINUTES to speak, so practice ahead of time.


At the January 12 meeting of the Planning Commission, the Commission turned down the six- month moratorium on new homeless resource centers proposed by the mayor.  This will now go to the City Council, who has final approval.  You can read about this here.  Needless to say, this is not the end of the story, the city needs to get its act together about the rules that will govern Homeless Resource Centers, and other cities in the county need to help with funding or buildings or something.  Salt Lake City cannot continue to shoulder all the expense.


SIZZLER PARCEL Many of you have been asking about this.  What we know is that someone has filed for a Conditional Use for a Kum and Go on the former Sizzler Parcel.  No planner has been assigned, and probably won’t be for a few more weeks.  Because this is a Conditional Use, this will come to our SHCC Land Use and Zoning Committee (LUZ).  We will try to let you know in advance.  Many of you have sent in comments over the past few years, as the various rumors have surfaced, and I will compile an email list and send you notice when we know what is going on.  I did put a page on our website a year or two ago (or more, I have lost track!) and asked for comments. If you haven’t already made an inquiry or sent a comment, put your email on the form, and you will be notified. 

The next LUZ meeting will be on February 14 at 6 pm, a week early because of the President’s Day Holiday.  So far, there is nothing on the agenda…

Judi Short