At the January 3 meeting of the SLC Planning Commission, the request for a Planned Development at 1966 Windsor was denied.  In talking with the planner, it is possible that the petitioner will Design a new project for this land that will not require a Planned Development, or  Planning Commission or Community review.

The Planning commission approved the Fence Height Text Amendment which now goes to the City Council for final approval.

TwentyOnes -The Buildings on the NE corner of 2100 East and 2100 South will probably be coming down in May. The new development going in will probably take a couple of years to build.

ADU 1792 S 2100 East – is on the Planning Commission agenda for January 27.  Here is a link to the agenda and the PC Staff Report.

The Richmond Flats project 2960 Richmond Avenue, has been approved for funding, and is working on the design.  That should come to the Land Use Committee in the next month or two.

This building will be all affordable units of 25-55% of Ami, which is really good.  WE haven’t had anything like that in Sugar House.  There will be 1,2,3, and 4-bedroom units. Ground breaking will be maybe July or August.

One reason a parcel needs to be rezoned first, and then the project is approved, is so we get what we think we are getting when we recommend approval of a rezone to SLC.

The SLC REGULATIONS FOR OFF-STREET PARKING is the next Zoning Text Amendment which will go to the City Council for review and approval. This is a big update, including minimum and maximum number of stalls required/allowed; permitted alternatives to off-street parking requirement; and parking lot design, access and dimensional standards.  The City Council will have its first briefing on Tuesday, February 8 at its afternoon work session, sometime between 2 and 5 p.m.

Read this carefully, for residential parcels, they have pretty much done away with any requirement to park a car on a parcel, instead allowing it to be parked on the street.  Here is a link to the current version:

This is to encourage infill development and redevelopment, to be simpler and more user-friendly, modernize to reflect best-practices and current market trends for parking. and implement “context-based” parking. It reduces the amount of parking required for restaurants and retail establishments as well.  My concern is that we don’t yet have a robust transit system so doing away with parking won’t make people give up their cars

I’ve put a comment form on our websites so you can provide comments which I will send the City Council.  You are also free to separately lobby council members.  If you fill out a comment form, I will let you know when this comes up for discussion.

The February 8 Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting at 6:00 pm will have three items on it:

-1596 Stratford Avenue T-Mobile Cell Tower Expanded Array

Alley Vacation at 938 Elm Street

Off Street Parking Requirements

Send me an email if you want the link to the meeting

Judi Short