The August 25 meeting of the SLC Planning Commission had three projects of interest to Sugar House.  First was the request to allow Rooftop Commercial Uses In FB-SE Zone (Form-Based Special Purpose Streetcar Edge).  You can read the proposal, including the staff report here.  This is on Planning Commission for August 25 a 5:30 pm.

The second item was Tech Related Land Uses Amendment. The tech industry is growing, and this is to clearly define which uses will be allowed where in our city.  This is a collaborative project between Planning and the Department of Economic Development.  You can read the proposal, including the staff report here.  You can send me a comment about this project, using the form. This is also on the Planning Commission for August 25.

The Planning Commission meeting starts at 5:30. You can attend via zoom, and listen or make a comment.  Here is the agenda and instructions.  If you wish to speak, you will have two minutes. You can send an email to and let them know.  Or you can use that same link to make a comment and ask that it be read to the Commission.

The third item was an ADU at 2274 S Green Street.  There is still time to send me a comment about this one.

Progress of approved projects:

One section of the Sugarmont Apartments is now open, the remainder should be finished by fall 2021.

Sugar Alley 2188 Highland Drive is under construction and is expected to be completed by fall 2022.

Simpson Avenue Apartments (in the SH Center)should be finished by fall 2021

Izzy 542 E 2100 South has had the ground scraped and construction should begin shortly.

Sugar Town began demolition last week. The design plans should be on the Planning Commission agenda soon. The City Council recently approved the rezone to CSHBD2.

The Dixon Building is nearing completion.

The Architectural Nexus project to be able to construct tiny homes on their property has been withdrawn for now.

We are currently reviewing:

Electric Vehicle Readiness Parking Text Amendment (, and Significant Water Users Text Amendment ( We also saw drawings for the south building of the Alta Terra Sugar House project and an ADU at 2274 Green Street  You can read about these projects and provide a comment using the forms for each project on our website.

The next meeting of the SHCC Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) meeting will be Monday, September 20 at 6 p.m. via Zoom.  If you provide a comment, you will get an invitation to the meeting.

We don’t yet know what will be on the agenda.




Judi Short