The Harvey, a mixed-use project at 501 E 2700 South was approved by the Planning Commission on February 9.  The request was for a planned development of 15 residential and one commercial unit, in the CN (Neighborhood Community Zone) to be privately owned. You can read about the project here.

The February 14 Land Use Committee had a topic of interest to many of us.  The Sizzler parcel at 2111 South 1300 East has a proposal to put a Kum and Go Gas Station and Convenience Store on the parcel.  You can see the plans on our website.  Because this is a conditional use, the project must comply with adopted policies and regulations.  Read the conditional use criteria in the Notice from the city, and send us your comments on the form on the website.

We have until March 25 to get our comments in, so we really would like to hear what you.  For comments to be effective and have the most impact, reasons must be given as to why a development would be a detriment to the area. Consider the following when creating comments. While many residents feel like a gas station goes against the character of the neighborhood, an explanation of why it goes against the character of the neighborhood is needed. What makes the neighborhood special and important? What makes Sugar House Park an important amenity that is worth preserving? How does a second gas station go against those characteristics and qualities? Explain why people walking would be more at risk with a new gas station. Explain how running, walking, biking, and other uses of the park would be a worse experience with a gas station right next to the park. Explain what air quality and water quality detriments you don’t want to experience. Explain how noise would be an issue from the gas station. Explain how this project will hurt and negatively impact your business; this includes monetary losses, loss of traffic running by your business, or anything in this vein.

If you haven’t already sent in a comment, use the form on our website or send me an email (  I will send all the comments I get, along with our letter from the community council, to the planner.  This will then be heard at a SLC Planning Commission meeting at some point in the future.

An issue the city has been working on for several years is an Affordable Housing Overlay Zone.  I have posed it on our website:  You can review it now, and I’m sure we will talk about this at a future LUZ meeting. I provided a comment form, if you want to give me your ideas now.  This is fairly complicated, and I think it might be approved in stages, but who knows?




The next meeting of the Land Use and Zoning Committee will be

March 21 at 6 p.m. via zoom.



Judi Short