The KUM AND GO in Sugar House is no longer. They their appeal with the city over denial of the conditional use for a gas station and convenience store at 2111 S 1300 East.  Apparently they are not going to take the case to district court, because according to the article in the SL Tribune July 27, Maverik is looking for someone to sublet their 20-year lease.

At the July LUZ meeting. we reviewed two new text amendments, and another apartment building.  The apartment building, to be called the Foothill Regency Apartments, will be at 2150 S Foothill Boulevard.  It will be built on the site of the First Congregational Church. They are asking for a rezone, from Institutional to RMU 75 (Residential Mixed Use 75’). The parcel drops 22’ from the Foothill side to the Broadmore Avenue side.  The building will be 5 stories 67’ (on the Broadmore side) and three 45’ on the Foothill side.  All parking will be on site, there will be no parking in the neighborhood, with two levels of parking.  This will have 262 units, with 10% affordable, and the developer is willing to put that into a Development Agreement. This was a preliminary conversation, to determine if we had any objections.  I don’t think we do, so he will take this to the Planning Department.  Once we get plans, we can put those on our website, and notify the neighbors so they can see the plans and comment, and attend the meeting where we discuss the plans.  We are told that the developer has been talking to the neighbors all along.

A Text Amendment Related to Gas Stations Located Near Water Sources and Sensitive Lands (Public Parks/Open Space).  Please read the proposal and send me a comment.

Amendments to Child Daycare Centers and Home Daycares  If approved, daycares would be allowed anywhere in the city.  There is an extremely large shortage of daycares in Salt Lake.  This would cut down the paperwork and regulations to make it easier to have a small daycare in your home, or perhaps lead to less expensive daycares available. We also need comments on this right away.

Please send any comments about any of these to

On the July 26 Planning Commission Agenda we had two items, the links take you to the staff report.

Tenth and Elm,  And Thriving in Place.  You can read about these projects, and make comments to me.  Both were approved but will be going to the City Council for final approval, so there is still time to comment.

The City Council approved the Non-Conforming Sign Ordinance, for the whole city.  Sugar House gets credit for this because we persisted for many years to get the sign ordinance changed for our Sugar House signs, and it has been working so well, it will now be used across th whole city!

On the City Council Agenda coming up on August 8, we have a probable vote on the rezone at 1782 S 1600 East, a public hearing on Eliminating Drive Throughs in the CSHBD1&2 zones (Sugar House Business District 1 and 2), and Sight Distance Triangle.  If you want to comment on any of these at the City Council meeting,  this link will give you information on how to do that.

There is a new Accessory Dwelling Unit Handbook (2023).  This will be posted on our website shortly.

The next SHCC Land Use and Zoning meeting will be on August 21 at 5:30 p.m. at Sprague Library.  On the agenda will be the Adaptive Reuse Text Amendment.  Other items may be added.


Judi Short