The Kum and Go application is on the Salt Lake City Open House Page.  You can read about it here.  We have been told that this is tentatively scheduled for a February 2023 meeting of the Planning Commission.  You can watch here on our website for details on how you can participate.  We would like to see a big crowd of folks at this meeting to express our disapproval of this proposal. Remember to make sure your comments address the Conditional Use Criteria.  This will likely be a hybrid meeting, but we think it is preferable to attend in person if you plan to speak. You will get two minutes.

The project at 1583 Stratford Ave is also tentatively scheduled for the Planning Commission in February 2023. We now have a one page drawing of their new plans along with a Restricted Use Agreement, which says they will provide six apartment units on the parcel.  You still have a chance to send us comments, using the link describing the project above.

Another issue which has come up has to do with drive through windows in the Sugar House business District zone.  If you live in Sugar House, you know what I mean. The Planning Commission has initiated a petition, asking that planning staff to study the issue and come up with a recommendation.  Here is what they will be considering.  We will see a formal proposal to discuss in the near future.

Acessory Dweliing Units – The PC approved the revised amendments; the City Council has a public hearing on February 7 at 7 p.m..  Please read the new proposed ordinance.  They want to take away the requirement that one or the other of the units on the parcel needs to be owned by the person who owns the land.  This could lead to more Air BnBs, which take away housing from people who live here.  Write to the City Council or attend their public hearing on February 7, 2023.  You can find the proposed language here.

Planned Development for 2960 Richmond (Richmond Flats), which is currently under development.  During the process, Rocky Mountain Power made them move the building north 7 feet.  On the north side of the building, this means the project lost 21 parking stalls. To maintain the 55 stalls promised, they need approval for a smaller landscape setback on the north.  Here is the link to the new proposal.  This was approved by the Planning Commission January 11, 2023.

Salt Lake City Schools would like an amendment of the Sign Zoning Ordinance to allow for pole signs on public and private school campuses.  You can read about the proposal here. They are basically trying to make a framework in the ordinance to legalize all existing school signs, and have some rules going forward.

The city is still working on a number of proposals. The Affordable Housing Overlay, Housing Mitigation, Thriving in Place report, and  Anti-Displacement Framework.  The City Council approved the Homeless Resource Text Amendments on December 14, 2022.  We should see more about these others in the new year. The Affordable Housing Overlay and Thriving in Place are due to be available probably by the end of January.

At the SHCC LUZ meeting January 9, the committee approved a request to subdivide a duplex and form a Planned Unit Development. The address is 2148 South 2060 East.  Here you can read the plans.

Coming up at our February 13  Land Use and Zoning meeting, at 5:30 via zoom, we will probably review 10th and Lincoln again. Follow the link to view it on our website.  We may have other items not yet identified.

If you have questions, you can always email me at

Judi Short