Kum and Go appealed the Planning Commission decision to deny the project.  The appeal hearing was held June 15.  The Appeals Hearing Officer for this appeal was Mary Woodhead, she said she expected her decision would be out in two weeks, but might take longer.

Thriving in Place.  The Planning Commission had a briefing June 14.  They are asking for ideas but don’t yet have anything solid in place.  There are many components to it, and somehow it has to all mesh with the other housing policies they have been approving in recent years, like Homeless Resource Center Text Amendment, ADU updates, Affordable Housing Overlay, and an EV carshare and/or E-bikeshare pilot program.  This will eventually be an appendix of Housing SLC. Comments are due by June 30. This will go back to the Planning Commission once there is a more finished document.

On June 13, the Salt Lake City Council adopted the City’s approximately $2 billion annual budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 (FY24). The General Fund, which represents $448.5 million of the annual budget, includes substantial investments in programs to address the dual crises of housing instability and homelessness.

“We’re responding to the City’s most pertinent needs through this budget,” said Council Chair Darin Mano. “The lack of affordable housing and the lack of solutions for the unsheltered are evident, and through our funding decisions—including $20 million toward affordable housing—we are catalyzing significant progress on both fronts.”

The $20 million in affordable housing funding—comprised of almost $17 million in the Redevelopment Agency (RDA) budget and over $3 million across the Housing and General Funds—creates new housing-related programs offered by the City. Programs include an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Incentive program to build new units and another to help keep existing naturally-occurring affordable housing units on the market by providing property owners with low-interest loans for necessary repairs and upgrades.

Also included in the affordable housing funding are quick-turn homelessness response solutions, including the appropriation of $500,000 for a sanctioned camping grant program.  More about this as the details are worked out.

The City Council also held public hearings on the City’s proposed five-year housing plan, Housing SLC, and Salt Lake School District Sign regulations. On June 13, the Council voted to approve both of these.  And they also adopted the Early Notification Text Amendment and the Downtown Building Height and Street Activation Text Amendment.  The City Council sent the landscape plan back for more tweaking.  I will put a link on our website shortly, as soon as I can find it. Thanks.

We have a new clarification of the Tenth and Elm proposal Tenth and Elm.  Clarification of what they want to do with sidewalk widths, and the difference in setbacks if we approve a rezone from CSHBD2 to CSHBD1.  I have to write my letter right away, so need feedback ASAP.

The next Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting will be July 17, at 6 p.m. in the Sprague Library basement.

On the  agenda, so far we have the

  • Proposed Text Amendment for Child Daycare Centers and Home Daycares PLNPCM2019-00225 (I will post this after my much-needed nap)
  • The First Congregational Church parcel at 2150 S Foothill Boulevard. This has been sold and will become apartments.  We don’t have any drawings or plans yet, but keep your eye on our website,, we might get them soon.





Judi Short