The following items were on the April 26 Planning Commission, and were approved:

  • Landscaping and Landscape Buffer
  • Prohibition of Drive-Throughs in CSHBD1 and 2
  • Affordable Housing Incentives
  • Housing SLC

The following item was on the April 26 Planning Commission, and was denied:

  • 1782 S 1600 East Zoning Map Amendment and Master Plan Amendment

On May 10, the Planning Commission had Sight Design Triangle Text Amendment on the agenda and approved it unanimously.  There was no public comment.

All of the above amendments will now go to the City Council for final approval.

On May 24, the Planning Commission approved the Historic Preservation Overlay Text Amendment, which will go to the City Council for approval.  We felt that this was too narrow, and that there are many buildings that are part of the historic fabric of our community that deserve to be saved. This only applies to buildings that are within a local historic site.

We know Kum and Go has filed an appeal, which will be in June, but we do not have a date.

Our June Land Use and Zoning Committee meeting will be June 12, at 6 p.m. a week early due to the Juneteenth holiday. We will do this by Zoom, since the library is already booked.  We will be discussing

You can click on the links to read about each one.  I need your feedback, so if you cannot attend the LUZ meeting, send me a comment to after you read about the project, or attend the meeting.  If you are not on my regular LUZ invite list, send me an email and let me know you want to attend this particular meeting.


Judi Short, First Vice Chair and Land Use Chair

Sugar House Community Council

Judi Short