The proposal for the Kum and Go at 2111 South 1300 East was on the Planning Commission Agenda April 12, 2023.  It was denied by the Planning Commission.  The decision has now been appealed, and there should be a hearing soon.  I don’t believe it will be open to the public, but they are usually available to watch on SLCTV.

The Harvey at 501, 511, and 515 E 2700 South applied for modifications, and the Planning Commission approved those changes. You can read the staff report here.

The City Council passed the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Text Amendment Update on April 4. The Council voted to maintain owner occupancy requirements for ADUs, with some exemptions:

  1. The principal building is a duplex, apartment building, or the property is non-residential.
  2. The property owner is in a hospital, nursing home, or other facilities providing regular medical care. Retirement homes or communities are excluded.
  3. The property owner takes a legitimate and temporary absence of three years or less (such as military service, sabbatical, voluntary service, etc.)

You can learn more about the ADU text amendment and what the City Council approved at ADU Text Amendment 2023

These items will all be on the April 26 Planning Commission meeting:

At the SHCC LUZ meeting April 17, we discussed the following items:

1)  827 Wilmington Ave Alley Vacation

2) Zoning Ordinance Definitions Cleanup

3) Historic Preservation Overlay Text Amendment

4) 1782 South 1600 East zoning-map-amendment-and-master-plan-amendment/

Of these, #4 is on the Planning Commission agenda April 26.  We also had the petitioners for the Wells Fargo site at the meeting, and they didn’t say much about their project, but rather had each of us fill out a HUGE survey.

The next LUZ meeting will be May 15, probably at 6 p.m. Location to be determined.





Judi Short