If you are interested in what the City Council did with the budget, here are two links June,4 Recap, and the June 11 recap. On June 4, they authorized financial assistance for the new affordable Fairmont Heights Senior Housing units on the corner of 1100 East and Sugarmont that will provide 110 new units.  We will see some early plans for this at our Land Use Committee July 15. It will be nice to see more affordable units being built in Sugar House.

On June 11, the City Council adopted an annual budget of $2 Billion. You can read details on the June 11 recap link above.

On June 12, The Salt Lake City Planning Commission unanimously recommended that the City Council deny Smith Entertainment Group’s plan for a downtown revitalization zone. Here is a link to the staff report for this proposal. If you didn’t get to watch this meeting, here is a link to the youtube recording.  The Planning Commission felt that we had tried to revitalize downtown SLC numerous times.  Main Street businesses that had survived for 100 years were deeply wounded by Crossroads, which suffered greatly after City Creek Mall.  That mall is still struggling, and we have the Gateway mall which is already trying to reinvent itself. And now it is proposed that we spend a lot of public money for a new sports mall complex.  We have a downtown plan that is working.  I won’t go on about all the other issues the Commission brought up like homelessness.

They stated many reasons why the Downtown Plan is working, and this proposal will do nothing to make our downtown better. This will now go to the City Council, who will ultimately decide if this plan will go forward.  The Legislature has given the city a date of September 1 to approve this.

We have no further information on the Wells Fargo project at this time.

There still is time to send comments on Outdoor Theaters in Commercial Districts, RV Storage Lot and Increase in Building Height for rooftop use.

The next Land Use and Zoning meeting will be Monday, July 15 at 6 p.m. at Sprague Library.  We will discuss the new Fairmont Heights Senior Living project, and hear Sarah Young‘s updates from the City Council.  I’m sure we will have another land use project or two to talk about.

Judi Short