At the May 17 LUZ meeting, we reviewed a proposed ADU at 738 E 1700 S, which was received favorably. We also reviewed a potential rezone at 1945 S 1300 East, which would change the parcel from RMF 35 to RMF 45. The owner wants to demolish the existing building and rebuild a bigger building with 46 units. This would mean a loss of 26 affordable units. The participants were very concerned about the condition of the current building, that it has always looked like it was not well cared for, and that the new building would suffer the same consequence.

Sugar Town is on the Planning Commission Work Session for May 26.  You can see the list of issues they want to clarify here. The rezoning was approved by the PC and has been forwarded to City Council for their approval. This meeting next week is to begin to work on the design of the building. No public comments will be taken but you are always welcome to provide comments to me via the web page.

Red Moose Coffee was on the PC agenda in April because their outdoor patio was not in compliance.  They have a new plan and will be reconfiguring the patio shortly.

The city wants to make Stealth Antennas (the kind that looks like a tree or some other camouflage), up to 60′ tall, a permitted use in all zones except residential and does not specify any setbacks if on a commercial property next to residential. (OTE):  The city withdrew this, the petitioner will revise his request and bring it back at a later time, due to the huge outcry against the proposal.

Judi Short