The Planning Commission (PC) approved Electric Vehicle Readiness Test Amendment on July 13.  Now on to City Council (CC) for final approval.

The ADU at 1852 E 2700 South was approved by PC on 7/13.

The LUZ reviewed an ADU at 535 Division Street at the July 18 meeting. You still have time to make comments.

The Rezone of 2435 S 500 East from R 1/7000 to RMF-35 was on the City Council agenda during the work session July 19.  The public Comment for that will be on August 9 at 7 p.m.  Here you can find information on that meeting and the staff report.

Thriving in Place/Gentrification – Consultants for SLC are working on a report.  Here is their website.  If you go to the first report, just released to the City Council last week, you will find that they are saying Salt Lake City is the worst in the country for affordable housing.  Here is the link to that report.

Moderate Income Housing Plan (Growing SLC) Implementation Plan Amendments -This is on the PC agenda for July 27, and is not on our website, nor has it been reviewed by SHCC.  This plan would ensure that the city meets State Statue. Failure to approve this plan would make the city ineligible for State funding. You can read the plan here. If you want to see the Legislation the city is trying to comply here, read these lines from HB 462.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Updates – Salt Lake City is updating its ADU ordinance.  The current draft requires the owner live in one of the units, and these will be allowed on any parcel where a dwelling is allowed in the zoning use table.  These will be an over-the-counter permit, so it will not have to go to the Planning Commission for approval, which will speed up the application process.  You can read all the details here.This is expected to be on the Planning Commission agenda August 10.

SH Local Links Plan – The Draft Report is on the Planning Commission Agenda July 27 at 5:30. This is an in-person meeting, although you will be able to watch the video after the meeting.  Here is the study report.  If you want to attend the meeting or speak, click on the agenda for January 27. This will not be available to watch live, although a video will be available after the meeting. This is an update to the SH Circulation Plan of 2020; the first goal includes walking and biking connections and will be a multi-jurisdictional plan that would guide future transportation and construction. The second goal is to evaluate transit connections between Sugar House, Millcreek, and Holladay, and hopefully determine the most appropriate transit connection would be. If you want to provide feedback to me, use the email address below.

The next Land Use meeting is August 15 at 6:00. We will probably talk about the revised Affordable Housing Plan the city is working on. It was tabled by the Planning Commission for some editing.  If you are interested and aren’t on my usual LUZ list, send me an email


Judi Short