On December 5 the  Salt Lake City Council voted to approve Affordable Housing Incentives (AHI) zoning changes to encourage affordable housing construction across the City. This landmark decision comes after months of thorough Council deliberations, underscoring the City’s commitment to making Salt Lake City an affordable place to live despite growth and change. The goal of this is to make it potentially less costly for developers to include affordable units in their projects, which should also curb displacement. Qualifying projects may receive incentives such as increased density, modifications to zoning codes, allowing additional height in specific districts, reduced parking requirements, diverse housing types, and streamlined planning processes. We may not get to review as many of these in the future.

On December 12 the Council had another conversation about changes to the landscaping ordinance. The hope is to further sustainability and clarify the regulations.  They discussed artificial turf, which is proposed to be banned because of harmful chemicals used in manufacturing which have shown to impact water and soil quality negatively. I read that 40% of the plastic in the ocean is from artificial turf. There will be a public hearing on January 9, 2024.  here is a link to a page that will have the latest revisions when I can find them. I will post instructions on how to provide feedback when we get the details.

The Council also approved a proposal for 2157 S Lincoln Street. This proposal would facilitate the redevelopment of this, and the adjacent parcels into a multi-family residential project. The property is currently occupied by a Victorian home used as an office building. Under the proposal, the home would be preserved and used as part of the project for fifty years, and sidewalks will be ten feet wide. This is written in a development agreement.

We have three new petitions for our January 8 Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) meeting.

  • Planned Development at  2162 S Lake Street. This would be four townhomes, each on its own lot,  the first one facing the street.
  • Proposed MU-8 Form Based Mixed Use Subdistrict 8. This is designed for the Ballpark, we decided not to weigh in. (We removed this, it doesn’t apply to Sugar House)
  • The second item is Attached Garages. Here is the link for the new text
  • The last item is Wells Fargo  We now have the petition just for the rezone.  If that gets approved, we might see the drawings of the building to evaluate.. Here is the link.

The January Land Use and Zoning (LUZ) meeting will be January 8 at 6 p.m.  The location is uncertain, we might need a bigger location.  Watch this report for an update.  Note this is the second Monday because the third Monday is a holiday.



Judi Short